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How to distinguish inferior cosmetics? Harm of inferior cosmetics

The cosmetics sold on the market can't be distinguished for those of us who don't know how to use them. If you use bad cosmetics, it will easily cause damage to the skin on your face. So today, Xiao Bian will teach you how to distinguish the true and false cosmetics~

1. Shake hard and watch the bubbles after shaking.

a. There are few bubbles, indicating that there are few nutrients.

b. There are many bubbles, but they are large, indicating that they contain salicylic acid. The effect of salicylic acid skin cleaning is better, but it is irritative and easy to be allergic.

c. Many of the bubbles are very thin, and soon disappear, indicating that they contain alcohol. Don't use it for a long time. It's easy to damage the skin protective film.

d. Bubbles delicate rich, there is a thick layer, and durable, that is good water.

2. Good quality without alcohol. It's not good. It's cool when it's used. It smells like alcohol.

3. General make-up lotion has color, if the storage location is improper, often exposed to sunlight or storage time is too long, the color will become pale;

4. The bottle of toner is not transparent. Never buy it. Because it can't be identified.

How to distinguish true and false lotion:

1. Smell. Good products are pure in ingredients and do not need heavy spices to suppress the odor.

2. if it is latex, take a glass of water, pour the emulsion into the water a little bit, if floating on the water, it proves that the inside contain oil stone ester (this is not recommended for cosmetics now), shake suddenly, the water becomes milky white, proved that contain emulsifier inside, such cosmetics are not good. If it is poured into the water, the emulsion will sink to the bottom and prove that it does not contain oilstone ester. Oilstone ester can damage the skin, causing dry skin and water shortage, because it is the main reason for clogging pores. Over time, pores will become larger and larger. That's what experts say.

How to distinguish true and false essence:

For liquid essence, you must pay attention to the essence and color of the essence when you buy it. If you find the phenomenon of turbidity, precipitation or discoloration, such essence can not be used. Consumers with oily skin, acne and other infectious skin must be careful when buying and using essence. Even if they buy, they should choose the essence of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

How to distinguish true and false Foundation:

1. Put proper amount into water, and then observe the reaction. Generally, there are three situations: sticking to the edge of the cup, floating on the water, and sinking at the bottom of the cup.

These three cases show the composition. Good products don't stick to the edge of the cup, don't float and don't sink to the bottom of the cup.

a. What sticks to the edge of the cup is animal oil.

b. Floating on the water is mineral oil.

c. Heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc. are at the bottom of the cup.

How to distinguish true and false make-up:

Find a silver ornament and put on the cosmetics or make-up. If the silver ornament turns black, it means that there is lead and mercury in the cosmetics.

How to distinguish true and false makeup removers:

When you choose, you should first rub some oil foundation or waterproof lipstick. Mascara and other products are put on the back of your hand, then pour some makeup remover to wipe it together to see if it is easy to blend with make-up products and wipe it off with tissues. Store placed too long make-up milk will be like bean curd or salty soymilk, there are lumps appear.

How to distinguish true and false cleansers:

1. There is a faint fragrance, squeeze on the hand should be water melt, no greasy feeling.

2. Burn with fire. Put the facial cleanser into the spoon and burn with fire. If the oil is splashed, it is not a good facial cleanser. If the more you burn it, the more it looks like milk, it means it is a good facial cleanser.

3. Just try the pH test paper. Just squeeze it on the test paper and you will know

How to distinguish true cream from false cream:

1. Put a little in an ordinary spoon and burn it with fire until it is completely burnt out. If there is black residue, it is all kinds of additives. The more the additives, the more the proof. Then put a cotton core in the spoon and light the cotton core. You will see that the water will emit black smoke. This kind of product is also not good.

2. Moisturizing products, many are made of mineral oil, you put them on the paper, after a while to wipe off the excess, if moisturizing, the paper will wrinkle, if it is made of mineral oil, you will find that it is transparent!

3. You can also squeeze the product onto the iron spoon, and then there is a fire to heat it. If there is mineral oil, the oil will come out!

4. when the cream is packed, if it is a finished product with good quality and fine texture, its surface will show a uniform and smooth appearance. There will be no holes and small holes to identify whether there are lead and mercury in the cosmetics.

In cosmetics, mercury, lead, arsenic and other chemical components will be added due to the need to increase the efficacy of freckle whitening. Arsenic has strong affinity for protein and many kinds of amino acids. Mercury is the only metal that exists in liquid form at room temperature. Because of its special physical properties, it is easy to be absorbed by organisms, and has long been used in all kinds of whitening and freckle removing products. The cosmetics you use every day are absorbed by the epidermis, then the dermis, and finally the subcutaneous tissue. And those metal chemical molecules also enter the body. After being oxidized, volatilization can damage human organs. Maybe the contents of these elements and their compounds. It's hard to see with our naked eyes. Even if it exceeds the standard by tens of thousands of times, it will only smell pungent. Therefore, the long-term use of such cosmetics will stimulate the human skin. It causes considerable harm.

Take the whitening lotion, for example, you put a little bit into the water to see if it immediately sank into the water or turned it off. If it is opened, it means that this is good, because some heavy metals such as lead and Mercury will sink into the water.

Another simple way to identify cosmetics is to find a silver ornament and put it on. If the silver ornament turns black, it means that there is lead and mercury in the cosmetics. This method is suitable for all basic care and make-up!

There are a lot of cosmetics on the market, which make women fuss. Now I'll teach you how to distinguish the good from the bad! Just a glass of water can do it.

Why use water? Because we use water to wash our face every day, the molecules of water are close to those of skin, so anything that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by skin. Take the usual foundation or lotion and put it in the water and observe its reaction. Generally, there are three situations: sticking to the edge of the cup, floating on the water, and sinking at the bottom of the cup. These three cases show the composition.

1。 What sticks to the edge of the cup is animal oil. It's extracted from animals. Let's think about which cosmetics factory has an animal slaughterhouse next to it? No, after slaughtering the animals, the slaughterhouse will pile up the bones and fur and wait for a lot of them to be saved before they are sent to the cosmetics factory Who knows how long it's been piling up? If it's summer, will those things go bad or rot? We'll vomit and diarrhea when we eat bad things, and so will our skin. Cosmetics made with bad things will have allergies, and manufacturers will know that they will be allergic, so we will add soothing agents and desensitizers during the manufacturing process.

Pacifier is an anesthetic for immune nerves. It feels good at first, but it doesn't work after a long time. Beauticians all know that cosmetics of the same brand need to be changed in 2-3 years. What is the change? It's the pacifier.

2。 Floating on the water is mineral oil. Mineral oil is extracted from oil mined underground. The first layer is used for gasoline; the second layer is light oil; the third layer is asphalt, which is used to pave the road. The second layer of moisturizing oil will accelerate the skin aging in winter, just like the second layer of moisturizing oil.

Heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc. are at the bottom of the cup. It has been reported in newspapers that children born to pregnant women with whitening products are prone to cerebral palsy.

If the cosmetic products you use do not stick to the edge of the cup, do not float, do not sink the bottom of the cup, then congratulations, because you choose the right good things, you can use them with ease. You can go home and have a try. Ladies don't use the wrong things because they follow blindly. It's not worth the loss. Because after all, health is more important than beauty.

3。 You can also choose to use fire to burn. In the process of burning, you need to know whether its smell has changed? That proves that a large number of covering agents and additives have been added. And to observe whether it was a little bit of cosmetics before burning, but the more it burned, the more it burned. This proves that the cosmetics you use add the ingredients of plastic. Because only plastic products will burn more and more. Is it that the cosmetics that used to be very fragrant change their flavor after burning, become pungent, and finally become black. The cosmetics you use are terrible. Not only hurt your skin, but also hurt your internal organs!!!!

Look at the outer package when buying cosmetics

1. It is undoubtedly the safest to buy cosmetics and skin care products at the brand recognized counter. Generally, products imported into China from regular channels will have Chinese label, net content, supplier name, Chinese approval number, use date, etc. in addition, CIQ label is also pasted on the packaging box, which is the 'identification' of regular cosmetics.

2. In addition to the above signs that often appear on cosmetic bottles, you will also see a string of English letters and numbers. These seemingly esoteric things are the only 'birth certificate' of cosmetics, and fakes are not available at all. No matter where you buy cosmetics in the world, as long as you learn to identify these strings, the probability of being cheated will be greatly reduced (usually the same string code will be used by the same cosmetics group)

Choosing cosmetics depends on shape and taste

First of all, the most important thing to choose cosmetics is to see whether its quality is guaranteed. When choosing cosmetics, we should see whether the "three certificates" are complete, that is, product qualification certificate, health license number and production license number. Famous factories and famous brands are a reference factor, but the key is whether the ingredients contain flavors, preservatives, pigments and animal ingredients. At the same time, we should pay attention to whether the product has inspection certificate and production license to prevent counterfeiting.

From the appearance of recognition: good cosmetics should be bright color, elegant and soft. If it is found that the color is dark and dirty, with different shades, it indicates that there is a quality problem. If the appearance is turbid, oil-water separation or flocculent, paste shrinkage cracks, it can not be used.

Identify from the smell: some cosmetics smell elegant, some strong, but should be very pure. If it smells pungent, it means it is a fake or deteriorated product. Be too numerous to enumerate perfume on the market. From a chemical point of view, perfume contains a variety of volatile harmful compounds, its toxic and side effects on the nervous system of the human body can not be belittled. When many people use perfume, there will be symptoms of dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Some people will have allergic reactions and cause skin diseases. Therefore, when women use perfume, the concentration of spray is as low as possible, and do not wear too much perfume to the skin, especially inferior perfume.

From the sense of recognition: take a little cosmetics gently on the skin, if it can be evenly and tightly attached to the skin and has a smooth and comfortable feeling, it is a delicate cosmetics; if it has rough, sticky feeling, even skin itching, dry, it is inferior cosmetics. Also look at whether the skin smeared with cosmetics has any symptoms