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The harm of inferior cosmetics

Recently, many female college students in Nanchang were disfigured. It turned out that some inferior cosmetics were used to disfigure them. As a result, Chengmei has become disfigured.

On April 23, 2017, Nanchang Tianhong held an activity and made up for the participants. That night, participants in the wechat group said that their faces were inflamed, hot and unbearable. The person in charge of the organizer in the group also did not make a statement. The next day. The crowd was louder, and the victims began to print pictures. Scar, swelling, burning, and exudation in the skin are common features. The whole group was filled with fear, terror, fear. This night, many people are tossing and turning, difficult to sleep.

Over the next few days, more and more people in the group said their faces were burned. So far, there are 20 or 30 people who have been found to have facial burns. When other victims see it, please stand up for it and protect their personal health rights.

Among them, there are many girls, whose faces are so damaged that they have trouble sleeping and eating. Many of the participants said that they are not allergic constitution, cosmetics have serious quality problems, what a poor quality! So that only one make-up will appear such a large area of serious erosion! The consequences of long-term use are unimaginable.

What skin diseases can inferior cosmetics bring

1. Cosmetic contact dermatitis: refers to the skin inflammation in the contact area or its adjacent areas after contact with cosmetics, which mostly occurs in the face and neck, accounting for about 80% of cosmetic skin diseases.

2. Cosmetic acne: acne like lesions on the parts contacting cosmetics, including black and white headed acne, papules, pustules, etc.

3. Cosmetic hair damage: after using hair cosmetics, there are local hair dryness, crispness, fracture, bifurcation, deformation, discoloration or shedding.

4. Abnormal pigmentation of cosmetics: the local pigmentation of skin caused by contact with cosmetics, including the increase and decrease of skin pigmentation.

5. Hormone dependent dermatitis of cosmetics: it can make the skin white and smooth in a period of time. After long-term use, hormone dependent dermatitis can be formed by adding hormone to cosmetics

Got cosmetic dermatosis how to do

1. Timely to the regular hospital.

2. Follow the doctor's advice and treat actively.

3. Pay attention to sunscreen, during treatment and rehabilitation should reduce going out and avoid activities in the sun, can't use hot water to wash face, can't steam sauna.

4, warm water to clean face, choose less foam or no foam cleansing cream, cleanser must be gentle, wash gently with towel to dry face residual moisture; and pay attention to avoid excessive cleaning, 1~2 times a day is appropriate.

5, we should choose some moisturizing lotion and lotion with relatively simple ingredients. It is not suitable to choose whitening products and other functional products, so as not to aggravate the burden of skin and induce dermatitis.

6. Psychological impact will lead to aggravation of the disease, most patients, especially female patients, often appear anxiety, irritability and other psychological. We should know that cosmetic dermatitis is a common allergic reaction. As long as we actively cooperate with the treatment, it can be cured in a short time. We should try our best to keep calm and reduce the skin irritation caused by adverse emotional factors.