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More beautiful with your head up

Open the Chinese paradise, the teacher let us do 32 lessons of paradise. Do the last reading comprehension question, I read it carefully. It's called "beautiful with your head up." we seem to have heard the story, right! In the second grade, there was a sticker on our back wall, which was read by Mr. Sun. The content is like this: Jennie is a little girl who always likes to keep her head down, because she always feels that she is not beautiful enough. He is the best and most beautiful summary of this article. She wrote like this: whether it's poor or rich, whether it's beautiful or plain, you are welcome to follow wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. At first, happiness will make you lovely - the kind everyone likes. In fact, self-confidence is a kind of beauty, but many people lose a lot of happiness because they care too much about appearance! Diary Diary of grade one

Third grade: Song Xinyu looks beautiful_ 500 words of hard work to cultivate the ideal, sweat watering hope, holding their heads, step by step towards the other side of the goal. Low profile is a noble, head up is a beautiful, since the choice of the distance, why fear the obstacles ahead, raise your head calmly face. I always believe that there must be a rainbow after the wind and rain, just as there must be light in a dark place. It is better than difficulties. As long as you know how to persevere, face difficulties and eliminate them, they are no longer your obstacles. If failure is the mother of success, then self-confidence is the starting point of success. Without failure, there will be no joy after success. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, as long as you have self-confidence, you will be the final winner. Better than the dark place, there will always be a ray of light to illuminate the dark. Better than always meeting a rainbow after a storm. So only after a long time of exercise, you will harvest the joy of success. Please remember my words: don't live in your own shadow, no matter what you have experienced before, what kind of stimulation you have received. Please don't unload your equipment, or you will be injured only by yourself, and no one will understand your pain. That will only reveal their own soft, will let others uncover your scars, so, you just need to smile, afterwards you can cry to vent, to kill those annoying things, maybe you can hold your head up, calmly face. If you want to make yourself stronger and let those annoying things be the past, then you can choose to forget the methods, such as: go to chat with friends, use music to anesthetize, or go to the grass to lie down and look up at the sky, you will feel that the sky is more beautiful than you think, because it will use eyes to chat with you. You will feel that the sky is bluer than ever, because it is hiding its pain with its appearance. When it chats with you, it will also learn to forget the pain and look for happiness. How can you not do that? Hold your head up and enjoy the beauty of the world. It's more beautiful than you think. Third day of junior high school: Nie Rui looks up_ I believe I am who I am / I believe in tomorrow & hellip; & hellip; 'with the music, the song "I believe" comes to everyone's ears. The lyrics clearly in my mind over and over again, refused to leave, as if to tell her: you are you, unique you & hellip; & hellip;

She is a junior high school student, learning is also very good, but in the most important exam play disorder, failed to get into the high school they yearn for, can only retreat to the second, chose another high school. Because of the abnormal play this time, she began to doubt whether she was too bad, and also began to become self-confident.

After entering high school, her grades became worse, and she was distracted in class and couldn't finish her homework very well. Moreover, she has no friends. It's not that other people don't want to be friends with her, but that she closes herself up and doesn't want to go out of her own world.

One day, a classmate told her that the head teacher wanted to find her and let her go to the office. She didn't understand why the head teacher wanted to find her, but she went to the office without asking. At the door of the office, she heard the music playing in the office. She hesitated and went in. After she went in, the teacher asked her to sit down, and she didn't speak any more. The office has been looping that song & hellip; & hellip;

After a while, the teacher asked: 'do you feel anything when you listen to this song? 'she thought for a moment, then lowered her head and whispered: 'this song seems to have an inspiring effect, which makes people full of confidence after listening to it. After listening to her, the teacher jokingly said to her: 'don't you know it's impolite not to look into each other's eyes when you speak, and the voice is so small? Or am I too ugly? But I think I can live well ~ 'she smiles, then slowly raises her head, looks into the teacher's eyes, and repeats that sentence again. At this time, the teacher smiles and says:' that's right! I heard that you got good grades in junior high school, and you were very cheerful. Why do you do this now? 'she hesitated for a moment, then slowly told the story of her failure in the senior high school entrance examination. After that, I heard the teacher say: 'that's what happened! What's up? Is this school too bad or something? You don't want to go to this school. 'she said: 'No. I just think I'm too bad to do so well in the exam. But the teacher said: '& lsquo; people are not saints, who can do nothing wrong & quot; every one of us makes mistakes, but what we should do after mistakes is to find the reasons, not to give up ourselves. As the song says: you are you. To believe in yourself, after more refueling, will achieve good results! After hearing this, she stopped talking until the teacher told her to go back first. But she figured it out. On the way back to the classroom, she held her head high and her face was full of bright smile. Under the sun, her body radiated a kind of light called self-confidence & hellip; & hellip;

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