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Wedding wine

Diary > diary of grade two_ Today, my parents and I had a wedding party together. Diary 500 words

When we got to Wuyun bridge by car, I saw a vast expanse of white on the mountain. Do you know what that is? I tell you, it's freezing rain. At this time, I think the ice in my hometown must be thicker. By the time I think about it, the car has arrived at Wuyun bridge. Only to see the door of the hotel, people come and go, very crowded, firecrackers, aunts and aunts constantly receive guests from all sides. I played the game with relish at the door of the hotel. I didn't put down the game until my father called me in. After a while, the dish was served, and a smell came to my nose. I couldn't help but gobble it up. I was so happy.

The banquet was very grand and I had a good time. I'm going to have a wedding next time.

Liu Chengzhi, grade 2, dahaodao second school, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province_ 750 words Spring Festival, today someone gets married, is uncle's classmate Shao Qingcan big happy day. According to the folk custom, they set the banquet at Xiangjiang hotel at 5:30 p.m.

My mother and I have five pages in the afternoon ”We will push you to Xiangjiang hotel in ten minutes. When we got to Xiangjiang Hotel, the firecrackers were ready to go off. After that, I saw the bridegroom and bride come in. The bride's mother rushed over and hugged her warmly. She told me that my mother and I were in the hall on the second floor. She was today's bridesmaid. The groom's mother, dressed in a red and black dress, stood in the hall to welcome the guests, as well as her son, daughter-in-law and her husband.

My mother and I went to the second floor and saw two halls. We don't know which hall we entered. In front of the door of one of the halls, Shao Qingcan and Wang Chunqin didn't get married. I looked at another sign, but there was no sign in the other hall. My mother said: 'this is the hall. And I said, "what if it's not! What can we do? My mother said: 'this is the hall. I've seen all my acquaintances. 'My mother took me in. I looked around and saw the bridesmaid, so I sat down. I sat next to my brother Deng Yuzhou.

When the wedding started, uncle Shao Qingcan appeared on the wedding stage and walked to Aunt Wang Chunqin head-on. Her father held her hand and stood at the arched door of the wedding dress and flower dress. Shao Qingcan walks up to Wang Chunqin and puts a ring on her. He led Wang Chunqin through the red carpet and turned to the middle of the wedding stage. The master of ceremonies asked his uncle and aunt to introduce him. This was because his uncle was dumb. Suddenly, everyone was stunned. Later, it was the master of ceremonies who helped the audience.

Then the witness Xu Renmin's grandfather made a speech, and the MC asked the bridegroom and bride to bow three times to the witness. Then, the bridegroom offered tea to his father-in-law and mother-in-law. The MC said that the bridegroom offered tea slowly, but he took the red envelope very quickly. When the bride offered tea, he also deliberately embarrassed the bride to ask her parents to drink tea in Jiangshan dialect. Then the MC asked the bridegroom and the bride's parents to speak. The speech was not bad. They were really learned people.

The bridegroom and bride come to propose a toast, and the best man and bridesmaid behind send out wedding candy. After the toast, I got the wedding candy and took the plate to ask for the cake. The emcee had to put the cream on the edge of the knife on my face. Fortunately, I dodged and didn't stick it.

Soon the wedding was over, so I had to go home with my mother. It's been a wonderful evening.

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