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My favorite fruit

My favorite fruit_ Children, do you know my favorite fruit? Let me tell you something, my favorite is watermelon. Watermelon not only tastes sweet and beautiful, but also has a great effect. Diary winter vacation diary 0s net.Cn

The content of this page is from "read. 4" ”For you to push melon production period is generally in summer and autumn. It has various shapes and sizes, some like a ball, some like an ellipse, and some like a pumpkin. From the appearance, its skin is light green and dark green. Cut open the thick skin, present in front of you is the bright red watermelon bag, watermelon bag eat more crisp mouth, there is a rustle sound. Now many varieties of watermelon are sweet, and some of them can be used to make sunspots. Watermelon is a treasure all over the body. Its skin can be made into cosmetics; it can be used as medicine to cool and detoxify; it can also be made into watermelon ice, watermelon ice-cream, watermelon jelly and so on. Mother told me to buy watermelon tips: gently tap with your hand, hear the 'Dong Dong' sound must be mature watermelon.

Children, do you also like to eat watermelon? Buy one and try it!

Second grade of Weisi Road Primary School: Wang Xinxin 1 my favorite fruit cherry_ Do you know my favorite fruit? Banana? wrong. Grape? wrong. What is that? Tell you, my favorite fruit is cherry!

One day, my father bought a box of cherries from the outside. First he took some out to try them. They were clean. I took one and took a bite. I was full of praise and said: 'it's fragrant, sweet and delicious. 'others picked it up one after another and praised it. After a while, we ate all the cherries on the table, and the rest were all cherry stones.

Dad said that people appreciate cherries because they are colorful, delicious and nutritious. It contains not only carbohydrate and protein, but also calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. In particular, the content of iron is as high as 6 to 8 mg per 100 grams, 20 to 30 times higher than that of apples, oranges and pears, and the content of vitamin A is 4 to 5 times higher than that of apples, oranges and grapes. Therefore, cherry can promote hemoglobin regeneration and prevent cancer. I like cherry better!

Fifth grade: Candy cherry