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A letter to my brother

Dear brother

I have received your letter from home. Everything is well at home. Thank you for telling us how to read

In your letter, you said, "reading through the eyes is the best way to read, which is the least helpful: I think so, too." It is only to recite all of the books but not to choose the best. Those people are not going to explore the meaning of the book. In the past, I was the same kind of person, no matter what will remember. After receiving your home letter, I try to change myself, learn the essence of it, and read the dross, which will be read again and again in depth.

I will study hard according to your method. In addition, I have some reading methods to share with you.

When I read books, I will accumulate good words and sentences, and then apply them to writing. If I see a good article, I will try to use its structure to imitate it, so as to improve my writing level. Great writers like Confucius and sushi have not stopped learning, so we should continue to learn.

Thank you for sharing the reading method with me. I will tell more people about this reading method so that they can benefit from it. Through your letter, I understand the way of reading: choose the essence, read again and again, and study in depth. Finally, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to write to me!

younger sister

A letter to my brother on December 23, 2014 dear brother

Four years ago, you went to college. Remember to receive your first letter, is your freshman. Today, you will embark on the journey, I want to give you a letter.

Brother, you step into the society, no matter what you meet in the future, I hope everything is OK with you. I feel that time is really fast. I often think of you when I was a child, you now, you who contain me, understand me and teach me. Remember? You once said to me, "I hope you and my sister are kind-hearted, which is more important than anything for a girl. But girls who are too kind sometimes get hurt. So, I hope you learn to be strong when you are kind. " Brother, I like to talk with you since I was a child, so please promise me that we should keep a habit in the future life. Conversation is not only a kind of ability and wisdom, but also a kind of virtue, a kind of noble personality.

Brother, I hope that in the future, you can see your every day as a 24-hour gift from Allah. I hope you live happily, live with a clear conscience, live dutifully and love others and yourself.

Thank you, brother, for helping me along the way. The road has been bumpy and muddy. Countless times, my tears fall. You tell me that it is necessary for a girl to shed tears, whether she is wronged or moved. Crying is not a mistake, but crying is not a right, not a tool. We should not get it through crying, but through our own hands and efforts. Now, please remember that the road ahead may be bumpy and hard. You have to rely on your own hands and efforts, just as you told me at the beginning. To achieve your brilliant life!

Doudou (sister)

A letter to my brother on Sunday, April 5, 2009 dear brother

Hello! Time flies. The new year will soon be over. Every night I always look at the photos taken last year and recall the happy childhood.

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I grew up from a child who didn't know anything to be a little man. I went to school and learned a lot of knowledge in school. Teachers and classmates like me very much. I like them very much, too. The school opened a variety of activities, along with my growth, make my childhood more beautiful.

Brother, in November, our school launched an activity of "everyone is responsible for protecting the environment". At the class meeting, the host happily stood on the platform, cleared his throat and said in a loud voice: "please take turns to speak on the stage. When I give a speech, I straighten my collar, pull my shirt, stride up to the platform and read aloud. As a result, my article was selected by the teacher and posted in the excellent composition column. My heart blossomed with joy.

Mid term exam, Chinese. Mathematics is 25 points, 30 points for each subject. My parents encouraged me to study hard and strive for excellent results.

Brother, are there any colorful activities in your school? How are your exam results? If you don't do well in the exam, you can't belittle yourself. Accept mistakes with an open mind. Failure is the ladder to success!

Good luck

Good health and progress in study.

A letter from Shan Yangyang to his brother Hello brother

Are you in good health? Are you happy? Are you tired of being a soldier? Time flies, the National Day farewell scene is still in sight, in the blink of an eye, new year's Day is coming.

Recently, the school held a new year's Day celebration. Before the activity, the leader of the young pioneers read out the list of outstanding young pioneers, including my name! After praising the excellent team members, the performance began. I performed Taekwondo, just after the performance, the students clapped a burst of applause. You'll be happy to see me perform, won't you?

Brother, how are you going to spend New Year's day? Can you write to me?

Recently, my father told me that he would take me to the city where your troops are located on New Year's day. Do you need anything? I'll bring it to you, and then we can meet again.

I wish you good health and a happy life!

Your brother: Li bingbo

December 28th

A letter from Li bingbo, class 8, grade 4, suixian experimental primary school, Shangqiu City to his brother

Hello! How are you studying recently? How are you? Do you really want to come out and play? I'll introduce you to a very interesting place. Do you want to go?

Then you come to Xinjiang! Do you know this place in Xinjiang? Do you know Turpan? Now I'll give you an introduction. I'm sure you want to go! Do you know the Flame Mountain in Turpan? It is said that this is the place where the monkey king borrows the banana fan. If you step on the ground of Flame Mountain, you only have one feeling, that is, the sole of the shoe is about to melt. There is a big golden cudgel at the foot of Huoyan mountain. Inside the golden cudgel is actually a large thermometer. Sometimes the ground can reach 70 degrees. I'll take a picture with you when you come.

The best fruit to eat in Turpan is grapes, especially in August and September, when grapes are the sweetest, to ensure that you eat enough. There is also the city center of Turpan, which has the water rhyme of Huozhou. The water there is made use of the snow water of Tianshan Mountains. In the morning, the water there is shining in the light, one deep, one shallow, one blue, one green. At one time, it looks like suede, and at another, it is colorful to emeralds. At night, more beautiful and colorful fountains erupt together. There are 5 to 6 meters high fountains, beautiful. I won't say more. I hope you can come to Xinjiang soon.

I wish you good study, every day, good health and all the best.

Brother: Liu shuchi, 2007. 8。 A letter to my brother


I haven't written to you for a long time. A new year has come. I have gained a lot in the past year.

In many harvest, the most unforgettable is to participate in the rap competition organized by the school. When I took part in the competition, I was the first one to sing. Standing on the stage, I felt nervous. I took a deep breath and thought, "what are you afraid of? It's like singing at home. " So I let go of my voice and added action to my singing. Finally, after singing, there were bursts of applause under the stage. I was also relieved, holding my head high and stepping down with light steps. After several days of competition, there was no news of the result. I still can't bear to let my father check on the school website. WOW! Won the first prize, I was so excited that I jumped three feet high. Brother, are you happy for me when you hear my news?

Another thing is about learning. Do you want to hear it? It was last summer that I participated in the film review and essay soliciting activities held by the Education Bureau and the Culture Bureau. What I wrote is the impressions of Liu Hulan. The composition has been handed in for a long time without any news. I hope that Mr. Wang can suddenly say to me: "Zhou Zhiyi, your film review essay has won the prize!" But the teacher didn't say it. Do you know how anxious I am? I thought, "maybe it's not well written? Come again next time. " But a few days ago, the teacher suddenly read out the prize list in the classroom. I won the third prize. When the teacher gave me the prize and certificate, I was so excited that I wanted to jump up and shout: "hooray!"

What I am most excited about is the erhu band 7 test. How do you guess? I can't guess! I tell you, not only passed, but also excellent. Are you happy?

To achieve so many results is mainly the result of our usual efforts. I think we should not only study well, but also have our own hobbies and actively participate in various activities organized by the school. Brother, are you right? I think you must have gained a lot last year, right?

Good luck

In the new year, learning progress, all the best!

Zhou Zhiyi

January 20, 2007