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The law is in my heart

When I was young and just sensible, my parents often taught me not to do bad things; when my parents and I met the police, they would scare me: "don't do bad things, or they will be arrested by the police." At that time, I didn't know what the concept of doing bad things was or why I was arrested by the police. It was not until I went to school that I understood what my parents said to me. At this time, in addition to my parents, my teacher also kept teaching me: "don't do bad things, it's against the law to do bad things." At that time, I understood the seriousness of doing bad things, but I didn't know what "law" was.

The law is in my heart, the law is in your heart, and the law is in all of us. I grew up to understand that law is law, and breaking the law is breaking the law. With the increase of age, knowledge and experience, I have a more and more thorough understanding of the two concepts of wrongdoing and law. I have come to understand that doing bad things is not just to be caught by the police. Doing bad things will bring serious consequences to others and myself. If you do bad things to others, you will also be punished.

Law, a familiar word, reminds me of it. I remember that there was a picture about the law in an ideological and moral textbook of my primary school: one of them said, "children can break the law, and if they break the law, they won't be caught." Another retorted: "children can't break the law. Although they won't be caught, they will have other education." This picture makes me think a lot. I can't help but think of what one of my classmates said: "children can do bad things, even if they do bad things, they won't do anything." Now in retrospect, that classmate even said that kind of words, which really scared me. Therefore, we should keep the law in our heart. We should always have the law in mind, know the law and not break the law. Only in this way can we not go on the road of crime and provide protection for our lives.

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Law is the rule for us to become a square. I hope that everyone will abide by the law and not break the law, so as to build a beautiful life. . do you remember? ^^The law is in my heart. The law is in my heart

Feeling after listening to grandfather Zhang's saying "the law is in my heart"

This afternoon, our fifth grade group attended an educational lecture entitled "law in my heart".

When I heard the news, my heart was full of expectation. I entered with excitement and sat down quietly, waiting for grandfather Zhang to give us a "law class". composition

After listening to the lecture, the most unforgettable story for me was about the true story of a child stealing. The story is about this: the child lives in a poor rural family. On a cold day, there is no coal in the family for heating. Therefore, the child goes to a coal factory to steal coal. His parents not only don't stop it, but also praise it. Gradually, the child's courage to steal students' stationery boxes, steal students' clothes It doesn't matter. When I grow up, I went to rob a bank and was caught by the Public Security Bureau. I'm going to be sentenced to death! Before he went to the execution ground, the only thing the child wanted to see was his mother. He was full of hatred for her mother. Because of the first time stealing coal, his mother did not stop him in time, but acquiesced in him, so that his courage gradually increased, leading him to the final road of no return.

What a thought-provoking story! Grandfather Zhang's lesson with blood tells us: "the law is like an invisible high-voltage wire. If you commit a crime, the high-voltage wire will electrify you; if it is more serious, it may electrocute you. If you abide by the law, then you can't touch this invisible high-voltage line. " Liu Bei once said: "don't do good little, don't do evil little." Therefore, we young people should know and abide by the law, and do everything with the law. Be a good person for the society. Let the law always be in our hearts! Writing method is in my mind 'don't do it with evil. This is a sentence Liu Bei told his son Liu Chan in the Three Kingdoms period. It still shines forever. Yes, it's inconspicuous for a termite to bite a small hole in the boat board, but if it is allowed to develop, the boat will sink. Therefore, the prevention of juvenile delinquency should start from the prevention of bad behavior.

It is often said that family is our first classroom and parents are our first teachers. I remember an experiment in my class. Teacher: if someone bullies you, what do you do? Even more than half of the students answered: beat him, fight with him. The teacher then asked: why? Those students said: 'mom and dad told me that people should be more powerful in society and can't be bullied. 'I'm glad that I didn't live in such a family. I'm glad that my parents never taught me with such incorrect ideas.

Let's look at all kinds of social phenomena. Some law enforcers abuse their power, engage in malpractices for personal gain, and bend the law; some entrepreneurs forget the law in order to seek huge profits, and engage in illegal production and operation, making and selling fake goods wantonly, thus harming the interests of the country and the people; some people ignore the law, setting fire, robbing, and dominating the market for nothing, even though these illegal acts will be severely punished by the law However, these behaviors do great harm to society and children. Just imagine, if everyone is self righteous and despises the law, how can those children whose hearts are polluted due to lack of knowledge learn, know, abide by, use and protect the law?

Grandfather Deng Xiaoping once said: legal education should start with children. Indeed, our young people are the future and hope of our motherland. They are an extremely complex and special group. If we do not cultivate legal consciousness from childhood, and develop the good habits of learning, knowing, abiding, using and protecting the law, then the rule of law will always be empty talk! composition

How we hope that family, society and school can create a good legal environment for us. Numerous facts show that children's own moral character and legal concept play a decisive role.

Law is everywhere, but we should not turn it into a burden of life, but take it as a criterion of life to regulate and restrict our own behavior. Only by studying the law now, can we be a law-abiding person in the future; because only by understanding the law, can we become law-abiding citizens; only by abiding by the law, can we take up legal weapons to protect our rights, and then use the law to safeguard the rights and interests of others, the interests of the country, and the supreme dignity of the law! Because, we know that the future society must be a society of the rule of law, and a society of the rule of law can only be created by people who respect the law. As the great philosopher Socrates said, "the spirit of abiding by the law is much more important than the law itself.". Therefore, it is the mission of the times to root the law in our hearts and become a rational law-abiding citizen. composition

Work hard! Only we have achieved 'the law is in my heart'! We are worthy of ourselves, our country and our times! In my heart, we all grew up in a society with laws. If there is no law in our society, can you imagine that there will be "order" in this society? Children have the law on the protection of minors, and teachers have the law on teachers. There are also many laws and regulations that protect every citizen. These laws protect our stable and harmonious life.

Because of the minors protection law, our children's life is more free and happy. Now even our parents can't punish us at will. If we hurt us, we will sue them, and they will be punished by the law. So we should study the law to protect our right to life.

Safeguarding human dignity is the basic right of citizens. Article 38 of the constitution of the people's Republic of China clearly stipulates: "the personal dignity of citizens of the people's Republic of China shall not be infringed." Article 4 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of Minors stipulates: "the personal dignity of minors shall be respected." Article 8 stipulates: "parents or other guardians shall not abuse minors." children are also citizens! If our children's human dignity is violated, we can say "no!" out loud In China Youth Daily, there was a report about a teacher's infringement on students' rights. One day in 1999, Zhang Yonghai, a fourth grade student of a primary school in Tarim Township, Yuli County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, was fined one point for not picking up a broom straw when he was cleaning. The teacher was very angry and asked the whole class to slap him three times. When it was the third student's turn, he cried. After 90 slaps, his left face swelled, his right eardrum collapsed and congested, and his ears hummed. After two months' rest in the hospital, he returned to school. I hope that this teacher will not beat me any more. If my parents or teachers beat me, I will say "no!"

Rules and regulations are indispensable to any game and any competition; in our common life, rules and regulations are indispensable. China has formulated many laws and regulations to regulate people's behavior. Only when people abide by the law, the whole society will operate normally. composition

People only abide by the law, laws and regulations will protect you. Let's abide by the law! The rule of law is in my heart. As the saying goes, "family law, state law" shows how important the law is. And a country must have its own laws.

In ancient times, Shangyang set up trees at the south gate to establish the prestige of the law. In the Warring States period, Qin was very weak. Shang Yang said to the king of Qin, "if a country wants to be rich and strong, it must pay attention to agriculture and reward its officers and men; if it wants to cure the country, it must be rewarded and punished. With rewards and punishments, and the prestige of the imperial court, all reforms will be carried out easily. 'the king of Qin agreed with Shang Yang's idea very much, so he let it carry out. Shang Yang renovated the old law, but he was worried that the people would not believe him. So he put a piece of wood in the south gate and said: 'Whoever can move the wood to the north gate will be given ten Liang gold. "People didn't believe it, so Shang Yang raised the reward to fifty Liang. This is a man who moved the wood to the north gate. Shang Yang immediately gave him fifty liang of gold, which is the famous South Gate tree. From then on, people believed in Shang Yang and respected the new law, and the state of Qin gradually became strong.

In today's China, there are many laws, such as the constitution of the people's Republic of China, the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, the military service law of the people's Republic of China, the law of the people's Armed Police of the people's Republic of China, the tax law of the people's Republic of China, and so on. Among them, there are also laws to protect our children, such as the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of minors.

And we, the outside of our country. What's more, we should learn how to use the law. Protect yourself with the weapon of law. composition

There are a lot of people just because they don't know the law and go on a road of no return. For example, the famous Yao Jiaxin tragedy: on October 20, 2010, when Yao Jiaxin was driving a red Chevy car to Xuefu Avenue in the northwest corner outside Chang'an campus of Northwest University, he ran into Zhang Miao, who was riding an electric car in the same direction in front of him. After Yao Jiaxin got out of the car to check, he found Zhang Miao moaning because he was afraid