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Childhood dream is a colorful River, childhood dream is a colorful road, childhood dream is a shining bridge, childhood dream is a wonderful world.

Growing up, there are many troubles and happiness. In my happy mind, there is a happy and unforgettable thing, that barbecue.

In October, on a crisp autumn day, my aunt, uncle, sister and grandmother and I went to the green village of five star village in Cicheng for barbecue. When we came to the barbecue area, there were more than 100 people barbecue there. We ordered a coal basin, lit the fire, put on the grid, and started the barbecue.

We spread the shiny tin foil and took out a lot of delicious dishes from the bag: Chicken kebabs, mutton kebabs, Beef Kebabs, chicken wings, sausages and sweet potatoes! I took a bunch of Beef Kebabs and found a place to roast. I use a brush with oil to brush on the beef kebab. I have to keep turning while I brush, otherwise it will be half cooked. Although my sister is only in the middle class, she has no doubt about eating. She had a brush in one hand and a sausage in the other. She was very sophisticated! You will also be a little bit of silver silk down, really our family's big greedy cat. When the meat is half cooked, when the meat changes from red to dark red, my energy is stronger. I take up the brush and brush the oil vigorously, hoping to bake it immediately, because it's so fragrant! When the meat is medium rare, I can't help flowing silver, because the fragrance keeps going to my nose. Fast, fast, after 20 minutes of hard work, one of my Beef Kebabs is finished! I send delicious food to my mouth without blowing. Ah, it's delicious! The meat is tender and the taste is fresh, not to mention the flavor. All of a sudden, a beef kebab came into my stomach and was included in my pocket! We were so greasy that we even couldn't bear to throw away the leftover sticks. After eating a bunch of children eat baked corn, eat corn eat sweet potato, eat sweet potato eat sausage. Whimsical, I baked the potato chips for a while, and it became a barbecue flavor. composition

After the barbecue, my sister and I became Baogong, with black sweat marks on our faces.

On the beach of memory, I ran and ran desperately, hoping to recover the best thing that I lost forever. A happy barbecue was one day when I was 7 years old. In the morning, my brother and sister rushed to find me, and they had a few small partners to barbecue together. After I promised them, the barbecue began. We first put the oven in a cool place, and then caught a fire to burn the charcoal in the oven. My brother accidentally burned his beloved small paper fan when he lit the fire. My brother quickly used water to put out the fire. When the fire was out, the paper fan disappeared, and my brother turned into a painted cat. This piece of black and that piece of white made us ha Ha laugh, brother saw us laughing, also followed by a bitter smile.

Then, we put the things to be roasted aside. Finally, after the charcoal is burned, we can fork things to be roasted. Because my brother said: 'meatballs are easy to cook and can be eaten more, so I roasted them first. 'after listening, we immediately put on the balls. I carefully drew a few knives on the balls with a knife, and took them to the oven to bake. After a while, all my balls are like fat dolls, one is bigger than the other, round, but some of the knife marks are like mouth, some like eyes, some like eyebrows.

When I saw this, I thought I was familiar with it. Blow blow the ball, a bite, ah, so bad! Spit it out. A little friend saw it and said: 'how can you waste it like this. "My sister heard me, took the ball in my hand, went to me, took the ball in my hand, and said with a smile: 'you greedy cat, you can eat the ball before it's ripe. You'll have diarrhea. 'I looked at my sister curiously and thought,' this pill is as fat as a doll. Why is it not ripe? Mom also said that meatballs are ripe when they are fat. Why are they so bad. '

At this time, my brother seemed to know what I was thinking, so he said: 'little sister, the reason why your meatballs are not delicious is that you didn't put anything, so they are not very ripe, so they are very bad. 'Oh, so it is. composition

After listening to my brother's words, I went to fork things to bake. This time, I was not careful when I put things down. I even put some things in my clothes. The little friend saw it and said with a smile: 'greedy cat, wearing flower clothes. 'I couldn't laugh or cry at what they said. Xu Zhengxin, class 2, grade 6, Lianhua primary school, Xiamen City, Fujian Province. On November 15, 2003, students from our school's chorus team, drum team, track and field team, table tennis team and computer interest group took a bus to the outdoor outing and barbecue near taiyangwan, Xiamen University. At 9:00 in the morning, we set out. After a week of intense study and life, the students felt very relaxed and finally returned to the embrace of nature and felt the natural scenery. Sitting in the car arranged by the school, after more than an hour of bumping, "Ouch!" Finally came to the destination Xiamen white city. After the car stopped, we divided into several teams, led by the teacher, found a good place to sit down, took out the things we brought, served drinks, made charcoal, put on the iron rack, and began to barbecue. At the beginning, under the guidance of the teacher, we roasted and ate the prawns we brought (and gave them to other teachers). Then the teacher asked us to bake our favorite food, and the teacher asked us to bake a bunch for her to eat, while we roasted, for the teacher to eat, while we roasted, for ourselves to eat. To succeed, we must go through hardships! When we were baking, we were smoked to tears and snivel. We had to take a paper towel and wipe it when necessary. We choose the kebab to roast to the teacher, because it is easier to cook, but it is not easy to bake, "head" baked, "butt" is still alive! Each of us took a bunch of kebabs, smeared them with oil with a brush, put them on the iron frame, roasted them while smearing barbecue sauce and oil on them. After baking a bunch, I gave it to the teacher in a hurry, and the teacher repeatedly said, "well, it's good, it's good..." Straight boast I bake delicious. "Here, you bake me another bunch of chicken wings." With that, I passed on the teacher's words to my classmates. We roasted another bunch of chicken wings, the same as the kebab, but it took a long time. Almost baked for half an hour, we also talked for half an hour, chicken wings should be cooked, we use a pair of big chopsticks, gently poke a few chicken wings, a little hard, feel can eat, handed to the teacher, she nodded frequently. After the barbecue, the teacher took us to the seaside. Look, the thick blue blanket is slightly turbulent, as if fighting for color and beauty in the blue sky. She gives off light blue, which makes people feel clear and blue, as if they have entered the world of blue glass. This clear, green, deep and peaceful ocean is not as magnificent as the waves at this moment, but it is still magnificent and magnificent. She was covered with thick blue, so full of blue, so young, so full of vitality, like a young girl full of vigor and vitality. This cool blue world is really lovely. Without the shackles, two-thirds of the students took off their shoes and socks, and some girls did not take off their shoes and socks. Standing on the beach and watching Chen Zhen's performance of "big turtle", the happy laughter reverberated on the beach. They were watching hard, and a slightly larger wave came towards the shore. If they did not retreat, the shoes would suffer. In a hurry, I pulled Wang Lunan's arm back. Wang Lunan and I didn't have wet shoes. The rest of the people who watched his performance had wet shoes. The pants of the "big turtle" were wet too. We laughed harder After a long time, we are going home, and everyone is reluctant to part with us. After all, without parents, we will have a little more fun. After all, without parents' constraints, we will be more free. Instructor: Xie Xiaohong's "collated version" (II) "collated version" (II) "the capital of China, Beijing." there is the enthusiasm of Beijing people. Just arrived there is the rehearsal of the Beijing Olympic Games. There are many foreigners there. Those foreigners speak Chinese well, but if others don't pay attention to it, they can't hear what they are saying at all?

In the burst of fireworks, Zhu Jiujie came to the seaside. As he was walking, he suddenly stepped on something. He looked down and saw that it was a package of snacks, which made Zhu Jiujie's mouth mix up again. Saliva dripped on the bag of snacks. Sun Xiaokong saw it and pulled Zhu Jiujie's ear. Zhu Jiujie turned around and said, "I'm so hungry, Can you buy me this? "" what? Buy snacks? Are you not afraid of stomachache? "Sun Xiaokong asked. Sun Xiaokong said:" as long as you say you don't have stomachache, I'll give you a bag later! "Zhu Jiujie nodded

After a minute, sun Xiaokong took the bag of snacks underground to Zhu Jiujie. Zhu Jiujie said: "you give this to me? Do you have any mistake, junk food, leave it to yourself to eat!" sun Xiaokong said: "I'm kind to you to eat, you don't want it, you didn't say you want a bag of clean snacks, so I'll give this to you to eat!" Zhu Jiujie said: "you monkey, you fool me!"

After that, two people came to the place where the fireworks were set off. Sun Xiaokong asked Zhu Jiujie to go to the bird's nest together. Zhu Jiujie was curious again. He was just a bird's nest full of brains. He also thought: today, the monkey is really sick. Is it wrong to go to the bird's nest? Bird's nest, bird's nest, I'm so big, can you accommodate me? composition

Sun Xiaokong guesses what Zhu Jiujie is thinking? Then he hit him on the head. Sun Xiaokong said, "don't think about it. The bird's nest isn't built by birds. It's man-made! Zhu Jiujie was surprised again. But he didn't think so much, so he went to see fireworks with sun Xiaokong

When he came to the bird's nest, his eyes were full of fireworks, his ears were full of fireworks, and his nose was full of the smell of fireworks, which showed that there were so many fireworks. Sun Xiaokong couldn't see the end at all. There were so many people that sun Xiaokong had to stand on one side of the wall. Zhu Jiujie's body was big, and he was so crowded that he swayed around. Sun Xiaokong found a piece of paper beside the wall Sun Xiaokong felt very strange. The filter was making trouble again. Without saying a word, he tore up the paper directly. Zhu Jiujie saw that he was tearing up the paper and went to the end

Sun Xiaokong explained: the illegal words are bad. They prevent the success of the Olympic Games and make trouble. Last time I saw in the newspaper that they didn't prevent the success of the last Olympic Games, this time they returned 10 times. Zhu Jiujie was very angry after hearing this, so he said to himself, "those people are too much. We are all Chinese, so we should wish the Olympic Games a success." In the morning, Zhu Jiujie and sun Xiaokong went to the exit Entry Administration Office of the public security bureau where they registered to apply for their passports, and then went to the British Embassy to get a visa. Finally, they took it