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The touch of heart

In people's life, there will always be a lot of moving.

Slowly open the thought of the CD-ROM, put on the CD. The touching sunshine is shining & hellip; & hellip;

The black-and-white scenes are heavy and serious, and the past is flowing slowly between them & hellip; & hellip;

Suddenly, my heart trembled, and a picture full of sunshine appeared in front of me

Last summer, I went to the mountain to see my cousin who was protecting the forest in the forest farm. There are not only big green forests, vast grasslands, clear streams, but also a paradise for wild animals --- lively and lovely squirrels, rabbits, wary beavers, cunning weasels, and all kinds of small animals. However, deep in my memory is the beautiful cabin. In front of the cabin is a very eye-catching wooden sign "Shandong dumplings".

Almost every day, my brother takes me to the cabin to eat dumplings. I don't know whether the water in the mountain is good, the meat is good, or the craft of Shandong aunt is good. The dumplings there are very delicious, and there are many guests to eat dumplings. There are wood drivers, tourists, forest rangers and lumberjack

After a long time, I found a very strange phenomenon that no matter whether the business of the small wooden house is good or bad, whether it's windy or rainy, there are always more than 20 woodcutters coming to eat dumplings & hellip; & hellip;

Under my questioning, my brother told me & hellip; & hellip;

More than 20 years ago, there were 26 lumberjacks. Although they came from all over the world, they united as a big family and had a very happy working life;

On a thunderstorm day, a rotten wood fell down, smashing the Shandong man under it. He finished his short life in a hurry.

When the memorial service was held, his wife and children came from Shandong. Twenty five workers and they silently saw off the Shandong man.

When his wife decided to leave here, the team leader advised her: 'stay. It's too hard for you to go back to your hometown and take care of your children. You might as well open a dumpling restaurant in the small wooden house at Qiaotou. If you are in trouble, we will have brothers. '

Since that day, the business of Jiaozi restaurant has been very good. No matter what happens, at least 25 customers come to eat dumplings!

Until one day, unfortunately, the captain died of illness. Before he died, he took his son's hand and said: 'after you take over, you go to the dumpling restaurant to eat a bowl of dumplings every day. 'that's the day, aunt Shandong understood.

Twenty years later, the cabin has been renovated several times. Many of the workers in that year have retired, and every successor has firmly remembered the promise of his parents.

Aunt's son has already graduated from university and made great achievements in the south. A few years ago, she came back to pick up his mother, but Shandong aunt said: 'it's the forest that raised us. I can't leave here. '

After listening, welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. After that, I shed tears unconsciously.

This event deeply shocked my heart, it made me understand the true meaning of concentrated friendship, it is so holy, has become a warm sunshine on my life road. I once asked my friend such a question: "what is moving?" Some people say that moving is sympathy; some people say that moving is sad; some people say that moving is tears; some people shake their heads at me, and I want to say that moving is the shock of the heart.

The following is a story told to me by a friend in the hospital:

A terminally ill old man is always angry with his old wife. Looking at the more haggard old woman who was busy for him all day, the medical staff said to her, "don't be angry with him. He's going to die." Unexpectedly, the old lady's tears came down. She walked out of the ward and said to the medical staff, "he is not angry with me. He finds fault and loses his temper, which makes me hate him. After he leaves, I miss him so much." The tears of the medical staff also came down

After hearing this story, my tears began to flow out, and I thought of another story: Xu Xiujuan was the first girl to raise Red Crowned Crane in China. In the process of raising cranes, she made many crane friends. In order to save a Red Crowned Crane named "Lai maozi", she had a fierce fight with poachers, and finally rescued "Lai maozi", but she was also hurt a lot. Among the red crowned cranes she domesticated, two are wild and hard to tame. They have strong regularity at ordinary times, which makes her headache. One night, the two red crowned cranes didn't come back on time. She was afraid that the two cranes would have an accident and went out to look for them alone. Unfortunately, she fell into the swamp composition

The world in front of me blurred, and I was deeply moved by the truth. A female college student will fight with poachers for the Red Crowned Crane, and finally give her young life for the crane. 23 years old, just in the mood for love, she left here too early and left her friends because of two red crowned cranes who didn't return home on time at night

The ground under my feet is wet. My heart was moved by them. Moving is the shock of the heart, the heart is always the most moving, the most real moving. The moving of the heart is the most beautiful emotion of human beings. The feeling of happiness brought by the tremor of the heart is the most beautiful collision between the hearts.

The process of reading is a process of collecting one by one moved, moved by Guan Yu's thousands of miles of riding alone; moved by Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai's undying love to death; moved by Su Qin's hanging beam and stabbing stock. There are many beautiful shells buried on the beach of history. I'd like to be a shell picker to collect the feelings of being lost.

In the world, the details of life are also moving. Is there a period of time when you get up, someone squeezed the toothpaste for you, prepared the washing water for you, and even bought you breakfast? There is that who always likes to nag in your ear, chirp askew, wordy to say a non-stop, and then in your tired, unbearable, seize the door to escape, the heart will always have some sour warm things come out. It doesn't need to be too complicated. One thing, one person, is enough to move us.

Sometimes, we are moved by the things around us. Sometimes they are moved by the hardships of the ants when they move; sometimes they are moved by the naive words of the children; sometimes they are moved by a plum blossom in the cold wind. Sometimes, moving is around. composition

Maybe it's not enough to be moved. After seeing the children's eager to read in the mountain area, why don't we save the money to buy snacks and MP3 to donate to them when we shed tears? When we see PLA soldiers fighting against floods and providing disaster relief, why are we shocked when no one takes out their old clothes and goes to the Donation Office? Maybe we should not only be moved when we are moved.

Every move is a purification of the soul and a sublimation of love. At first, I didn't expect this film, because it was an educational genre film organized by the school and watched by all the teachers and students. But later, I can only use the word moved to describe the feelings at that time.

Warmth tells a touching story that happened in a remote small town: in a relatively backward and poor town, there is an ordinary family: the heroine is laid off early, and the main energy of life is spent on her young son. The expenses of the whole family are borne by the hero alone. One day, the hero is laid off voluntarily in order to help others. The heroine can't bear that her husband always thinks about others. At the most difficult time of the family, she abandons her husband and young son and goes to Dalian with a rich man. Children are always inseparable from their mother. In the miss of their mother, the child's character has changed from optimistic to taciturn. For the sake of his children, the hero takes him all the way to Dalian to find the heroine. But looking for someone in this big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Forced by life, father and son can only make a living by collecting waste products. Finally, with the help of a news anchor, the child finally met his mother, and a broken family was reunited again & hellip; & hellip; & hellip;

It is not as strong as those blockbusters, but it is like a hand, gently plucking the strings in my heart; like a wind, gently blowing over the calm lake in my heart; like a key, quietly opening the deepest heart door & hellip; & hellip; In fact, there is nothing special about this story. It's just a little thing that happened around us. But it's this little thing that makes people cry because it's true. On weekdays, no one will deliberately observe a thing, naturally they will not know the existence of these things. When you see books or film and television works in this field, you will feel familiar, strange and familiar, and naturally be attracted and infected & hellip; & hellip;

The so-called moving is the emotional changes such as excitement caused by the influence of the outside world. "Warmth" makes our tears flow silently, slowly, overflowing from the heart, is the deepest moving from the heart & hellip; & hellip; This morning, I woke up and stood in front of the mirror with a red face and messy hair. I thought: 'if my mother saw me now, she would call me a big lazy. So I quickly went to the pool, washed my face clean, wet my hair with water, and combed it black and shiny. Then quietly went to the bedside, patted the bed board, woke up the sleeping mother. When my mother saw that I was dressed up and wanted to praise me, she heard the sound of 'Hua la'. My mother knew that I had forgotten to turn off the tap, so she got out of bed to turn off the tap, and said something to me: "we should save every drop of water. Your school is carrying out eight honors and eight disgraces activities. One of them is to be proud of saving water and ashamed of wasting water. Although we live by the Yangtze River and don't worry about water, there are many places in China where there is no water and the water source is very scarce. Therefore, everyone of us should pay attention to saving water. 'these short words shocked my heart. I blushed and bowed my head. I laughed awkwardly. I thought: 'I really shouldn't waste water. I'll pay attention next time'.

Mother's words touched my heart, we should cherish the hard won water. Mom, you care not only about me, but also about the country. You are a great mom. My heart chooses to move. There are always some things in the world that will stir the chord in your heart and make it lingering. Yes, the world has given me many opportunities to choose, and I only give it to my heart. My sincere young heart chooses to move without hesitation.

I was moved by its choice of beauty. It's beautiful to have a plum blossom in the snow; it's beautiful to have a red river flower at sunrise; it's beautiful to have a smile when looking back. These are the superficial vanity of the United States, but when I see the choice of hard work and dedication in front of the teacher's hair; when I see the choice of strong and not