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I learned to skate

The roller skating rink in the entertainment center opened. My mother accompanied me to learn skating. The first time I put on skates, I was very excited.

Mother helped me to the railing, I grabbed the railing, slowly sliding up.

Watching others slide so smoothly and gracefully, I envy them. I finally got the courage to try not to grab the railing. But my feet were so stupid that I didn't listen to my command, so I fell to the ground. Mother helped me up, said: it doesn't matter, learn slowly.. I said Mom, let me try again! Unknowingly, an afternoon has passed, and I don't know how many times I have poured. My whole body is blue and purple, and my sweat flows into my clothes. But the joy is that I can easily slide forward, I also learned to turn, but the posture is worse than others, but I am not discouraged.

Nothing is difficult in the world, just for those who want to. As long as you study hard, what else can't you learn? I learned to roller skate_ Whenever I see my elder brother and elder sister galloping in the rink, I envy them. In the evening, my mother took me to roller skating.

We came to the rink. I saw my uncles and aunts bending over, like a vigorous swallow, passing in front of me. I quickly put on roller skates, holding my mother's hand, entered.

I want to slide. Who knows, feet do not listen to the call, together forward, I fell a 'somersault'. My mother helped me up and said to me: 'child, don't be impatient. First, hold the pull rod and slide slowly. '

I hold the railing, difficult to step forward, thought: come on! I can do it! My mother encouraged me. I was very nervous. Carelessly, I let go of my hand and fell again. I cried out in distress and said to my mother in pain: 'mom! It hurts! I don't skate any more. It's not fun at all! '

My mother touched my head: 'son, as the saying goes, & lsquo; no rainbow can be seen without wind and rain. I believe you can do it! 'I listened to my mother and plucked up my courage again.

I bent down, held on to the railing and slid carefully. It seems that my mother's voice came back to me again. "Without wind and rain, where can I see the rainbow? 'I look at my mother's eyes and feel confident.

I let go again, hoping to slide. 'ah! I made it! 'I didn't fall down. I skated gently. I finally learned how to roller skate!

My mother gave me a look of approval, and I shuttled happily on the rink. Although, my body a green, a purple, but I learned to roller skating.

I am confident, I work hard. Yes! In countless failures, I started the first step of learning roller skating. I went skating with my good friends_ Our Qingbin primary school is a famous skating primary school. We have skating in physical education. I like skating very much. So does my good friend Liu Jinrong.

One day, Liu Jinrong wanted to go skating in Heilongjiang University, but she didn't know where the ice rink was. She called me and I invited her to go skating on Sunday.

On Sunday, Liu Jinrong and I met at the appointed place, and then we went to the ice rink of Heilongjiang University.

I started skating, first I was in front, then she was in front, then I was in back; then I skated with her & hellip; & hellip; when I was tired, I went to the snow to rest.

We skated, drank milk tea and nutrition express, and played on the swing. When I got home, my father specially asked my good friend to come to my house, but she couldn't come to class.

Today, I am very happy!

I think I'll go skating with my good friends when I have time. I learned to skate_ One day, while I was walking in the park, suddenly some children passed me on skateboards. I am very envious, hope to learn, also want to have a skateboard belongs to me.

On my birthday, my mother bought me a skateboard, not to mention how happy I was.

I took my skateboard to the square to practice. I started trying to put two feet on it, but as soon as I got on the skateboard, I fell on my feet. Later, I supported the wall slowly forward, after a while I was bold, did not use my hand, accidentally fell again, buttocks sitting on the ground. I'm a little discouraged, but I'm thinking 'nothing is difficult in the world, as long as I'm willing to climb. 'I started practicing again, and this time I wasn't proud, so I learned to skate.

In the process of learning skateboarding this time, I understand that as long as I work hard and stick to it, I can succeed. I learned to roller skate_ 300 words this morning, I was sleeping in beauty sleep, but I was disturbed. Just listen to the door 'Bang', needless to say, it must be dad back. At this time, my mother called me up, and I got up lazily.

After I got up, my father told me to close my eyes. I was very strange. Did he just wake me up and let me sleep again? However, when I opened my eyes, it was really a new pair of skates in front of me, red and black. I can't wait to put them on. I want to learn roller skating.

I came to the square, just stood up, my body as if out of control, bang fell to the ground, pain I straight grin. It's hard to roller skate, but I envy others for how well they skate. Make up your mind to learn how to roller skate. I stand up again, the content of this page from "read. 4" ”Push it for you, and slowly try to move forward. However, as soon as I stopped, it went back, as if to say: 'if you don't go, I won't go any further. It's very difficult to learn how to roller skate. You must study hard. 'I didn't give up, I moved on. Although I fell several more times, I finally learned to roller skate one, two, three times. My heart is sweeter than honey!

Today is an unforgettable day, because I learned how to roller skate. Not only that, I also know a truth: no matter what you do, the process is hard, the result is sweet!