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Special gift

As a gift, it can be a letter, a good-looking object, or a & lsquo; punishment;.

That afternoon, as soon as I came back from shopping with my good friends, I saw my parents sitting on the sofa with a serious face. The serious atmosphere at home made me think they had quarreled and were in the middle of the cold war. But just after I put things into the room, I heard my father calling me. I ran out in a hurry. He said to me: 'daughter, your mother and I are going to give you a special gift for your performance these days. 'hearing this, I can't help but have an ominous premonition: shouldn't gift giving be a happy atmosphere? Why are mom and dad so serious? This gift must not be simple. My mother's words confirmed my hunch. She said: 'if you want a gift, hand in your mobile phone, lucky money and the rest of the month's pocket money first. 'I gave it to my mother with a curious attitude, and then my mother said:' in the next two months, you can only earn pocket money by doing housework. 'when I heard the news, I felt like the earth was falling apart. But what can I do?

In the next few days, no matter what housework my parents asked me to do, I would not hesitate to promise that I would do housework whenever I was free. After two weeks, my life has been going to school, doing homework, doing housework, I am tired of backache. At this time, I finally know the hard work of my parents. Although it's just doing housework, I will be tired after doing too much. Similarly, I also realize the hard work of my parents. They usually have to go to work and go back home to take care of my sister and me and clean the house, but they have no complaints. Now I think back to my former self; I often quarrel with them and spend money lavishly, and I feel a trace of regret in my heart.

Two months later, my mother returned my things to me, and said to me: 'this gift is to let you know that it is not easy to make money, and tell you not to waste money in the future. 'after hearing this, I nodded and went back to the room.

Since then, every time I spend money, I think of my parents' work and try to make myself a obedient and sensible child. Today is father's day. What gift can I give my father? Think about it or send a card to dad is the most meaningful. Because I am still young, it is the period of growing body and knowledge that I will not make money. So, I give this special gift to dad is the most appropriate and meaningful!

My parents, who gave birth to me, raised me and sent me to school, spent a lot of manpower, material resources and money, which made me very grateful! In order to thank my parents for their upbringing, I bought a greeting card on this father's day and wrote a few words from my heart: I always remember my parents' love for me. In school, I listen to the teacher's words, abide by school discipline, study hard, learn skills well, grow up to be a useful material for the country, and repay my parents' love. Happy father's Day!

I believe my father will feel very happy when he sees this special gift! Don't you hate it? Otherwise, he would applaud me secretly! If it's not like this, ask your mother for money and buy valuable gifts for your father. Your father will say, 'who bought these gifts for you? 'I think: not only will he not praise me, I will also cause a big scolding!

Happy father's day, Dad! Special gift 600 words everyone will have a special gift, of course, I am no exception, so I will tell you about my special gift.

That was a year ago. That day was my birthday. I thought my mother would buy me something I wanted, so I went home skipping. Back home, I said to my mother: 'Mom, today is my birthday, you buy me a game machine. But my mother said: 'it's time to study. You still want to play video games until the holidays. Then I asked, "what do you want to buy me? "My mother said: 'now is the first time to study. Let's make do with our birthday! 'I begged my mother to say:' just let me pass it once, and invite some students to play. I will show you a good result in the final exam. "No. 'My mother said again, 'it's not that I don't give you a birthday, but that I'm afraid you will affect my study. 'I begged again:' you've given it to me this time, and I won't be able to do it next time. 'my mother said angrily:' I've given it to you, and I'll give it to you next time, but you still don't listen. 'I was also angry and said:' but forget it, never give me a birthday in the future. "My mother was even more angry when she heard this, so she slapped me in the face. I was so angry that I scolded my mother and threw the stool to the ground. When my mother saw me throw the stool to the ground, she picked up the stick and hit me. When I saw my mother go to get the stick, I ran out of the room. I cried and felt very sad. So I ran to my classmates' home and played until the afternoon. Then I went back to school Run to Dad. Dad also knew about it, and then said to me: 'you are so old, you are still not sensible, mom told you to give you a good next time, but you still don't listen, and your mother cried. 'I said:' it's my mother who scolded me first and beat me! "My father said: 'mom is not for you. I want you to do well in your study. Every year there is a birthday. But what's the difference between this year and next year? Mom and Dad don't have birthdays every year. Isn't it the same? 'Oh, after listening to my father's words, I think so. I'm not right. I'm not polite to my mother. In the evening, I went home with my father. I apologized to my mother. In the afternoon, my mother bought me a set of my favorite books "complete works of Sherlock Holmes". At dinner, my mother gave me what I wanted. She also hoped to study hard and make progress every day and get a good result in the final exam. Although everyone would think this is nothing special, it inspires me every day I. Whenever I see these books, I will think of my mother's expectations for me. I will also think of how stubborn, how naughty and how lovely I was when I was a child. Now I grow up and become more and more sensible. Special birthday gift 1100 words speaking of birthday celebration, many students will think of the happy and lively birthday party, and also think of the big cakes and exquisite gifts. Since I had the second birthday, I found the starting line of my study. It was the special birthday gift I received on that birthday that benefited me a lot.

That day, I came out of school with the school bell. Today I am very happy. Why am I so happy? Ha, today is my birthday, can you not be happy? Along the way, I thought: what gift will I get? Would it be a big cake? Or a fancy PSP? This is the birthday present I've been dreaming of. Thinking of this, I was even more excited. I ran home step by step. With a happy and joyful mood, I couldn't wait to open the door. When I got home, I looked around the table for the first time. There was neither the dazzling cake nor the PSP game machine I had dreamed of. I felt very disappointed and went straight back to my room regardless of the busy parents in the kitchen. I was stubborn Strong I cry, I do not know how much time passed, outside came the mother's cry 'eat, son' I had to put tears in my eyes, out of the door.

At the dinner table, I just lowered my head to eat. My mother put the biggest piece of chicken in my bowl. "Son, today is your birthday. Here, my father and mother wish you a happy birthday first." usually, my strict father has become kind. But, I ignore, just eat chicken, but, to tell you the truth, it's delicious.

'since it's your birthday, there should be a gift. Therefore, my mother and I prepared a special birthday gift, which is priceless. 'father said mysteriously. I'm very surprised. What is it? "We send you three sentences." my mother said, the first sentence is: there is a road to the mountain of books, diligent for the path, boundless learning, hard work boat, my father said. The meaning of this sentence is: knowledge is infinite, only diligence can have more knowledge, knowledge is also like an ocean, hard work is a boat, as long as hard work, the boat can send you to the other side of success. I chewed my father's words carefully, and the anger in my heart had already been thrown into the sky.

"The second sentence we send you is: it's easy for young people to get old, but hard for them to learn. Time can't be taken lightly," mom said. It's easy for us to waste our time when we are young. We don't wake up until we grow up. It's hard for us to learn again. We must cherish our time and don't let an inch of our time be wasted. I savor my mother's words carefully. I know my mother doesn't want me to waste my time and study hard when I'm young.

"The third sentence we send you is: failure is the mother of success," my father said. This sentence tells me: if you fail to do something, don't give up and don't lose heart. As long as you look for mistakes in the failure and learn from it, you will succeed. I tasted it and thought it was reasonable. Yes, I have many failures in my study. Today, my father sent me this sentence to let me not give up in failure and get up wherever I fall.

"Ah, you didn't forget my birthday. You love me. The three sentences you sent me are better than cakes. These three sentences will help me in my study and life. These three sentences are priceless," I exclaimed. 'that's the answer we want to hear, 'mom and dad laughed. "Thank you, Dad, thank you, mom, thank you for your birthday present." I broke my tears into a smile.

These three gifts are full of my parents' deep expectations for me. These three gifts are just ordinary words, but they have profound meaning. Although they are not as gorgeous and luxurious as PSP game console, they do not have the sweet smell of dazzling cake,. However, as long as you chew, savor and field carefully, you will feel the sweetness of the cake and the magnificence of the PSP game console. This is the love my parents have for me. This love is not the love of appearance, but the deep love. You must experience it carefully, and you will realize the deep love of your parents. Special gift 250 words the second Sunday in May is universally acknowledged mother's day.

On this day in 2009, we decided to give our mother a special gift - a hand-made doll.

As the saying goes:

'the clouds are not as white as their mother's love;

Sunshine is not warm with mother's love;

Xiaohua is not as bright as her mother's love;

Mountain is not as high as mother's love;

The sea is not as deep as mother's love;


We took our tools, got the cloth, and got ready to make dolls. I first cut the cloth into a circle, then cut another circle against this circle, then sew it needle by needle, and then expose a hole, put the cotton in, and sew it up again. A small end is finished. Then I take a beautiful flowered cloth as a doll's skirt. Then, I cut off two hands and sew them up according to the original method. Finally, I take some wool as a doll's hair, A lovely doll is finished like this