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I'm so happy

One Saturday afternoon, my parents and I went to the gymnasium to play badminton. As soon as I got in, I heard the sound of 'Pa Pa Pa'. At the beginning, I didn't dare to fight, because my skill was not good and I was afraid of adults' jokes. But with fighting, my courage became stronger, and the more I played, the more happy I was.

Look how hard I play! The ball flies over the net like a bird, sometimes somersaulting. I fight first with my father and then with my mother, one against two. At last I lay on the chair because I was tired.

I watch my parents play while I rest. After a while, Dad smashed the ball. The ball flew over the net like an arrow off the string. Mom caught the ball and swung it fiercely. The ball flew back like a bullet. Wow, it's wonderful!

I had a good rest and started fighting with my mother again. I found that I had made great progress. I beat my mother around and my eyes were full of stars. My mother said: 'they say you should look at each other with new eyes for three days. Now you have to look at each other with new eyes for three minutes. 'the aunt next to me also praised me for being good. It seems that as long as you are brave and practice more, you will make progress.

I'm so happy today! That time, I was so happy_ 550 words on my way of growing up, I have many things that I can forget, but there is only one thing that I can never forget, that is because I bought two gifts for my mother, and I feel very happy!

That day, after school, I came to Kawaii, and as soon as I went in, I was attracted by the glittering crystal ring. I came to the ring and thought: Mom's gold ring is tight. I might as well buy a ring. So, I took a look at this, and then at that, and chose a crystal ring. When I saw that it was only 5 yuan, I took it in my hand and looked around.

Just as I was about to pay, I saw that there were many copper spoons in a glass. I went over and looked at them carefully. I saw that the spoon had been carefully carved and there was a crystal on the handle. I selected a spoon in the glass for a while and looked at the price: 5 yuan. Then, he went to the payment office, gave 10 yuan, and went out.

On the way home, the birds were singing on the branches, as if they were happy for me; the leaves were clattering in the wind! la la 'it seems to be clapping for me; people's faces are filled with smiles, as if they are proud of my filial piety & hellip; & hellip;

When I got home, I looked at the present in my hand and was elated. At this time, a golden idea came out. I took out a piece of red cardboard, cut it into a love shape, stuck it on the gift bag, wrote a lot of words with a watercolor pen, and took it to my mother.

After mom looked at it, she took out the gift in the bag and was shocked. Back to God, his eyes were full of tears. After wearing the ring, he said happily: 'daughter, mother is so happy for you! 'at this time, I also shed tears happily.

I was so happy that time! At that moment, I was so happy_ China is a country with ancient civilization. Therefore, we should develop good habits of civilization from childhood.

Today, there was a complete silence in the classroom. Everyone sat in order and listened with hands down. Mr. Chen's voice is not slow, the language is cadenced, especially attractive. Just God, one by one hold their breath, listening to the teacher's instruction. The content of this page is provided by "read. 4" ”Push for you, Miss Chen sounded her high voice: 'students, smile is our language, and civilization is our faith. Let's care about the collective, take good care of public property, protect the environment, and let the flower of civilization bloom in our hearts! As soon as the voice fell, a warm applause resounded through the classroom.

Every student's eyes are shining, as if the word 'civilization' is flashing. After class, I hummed happily and came to the playground with light steps. The playground is really clean. There are no scraps of paper and a dead leaf. It seems that all of them disappeared one night ago. At this time, I turned my head and saw a little brother with barbecue in his left hand and milk tea in his right hand. He was not far away from me. The boy is seven or eight years old. He is very cute. I was about to leave when suddenly I heard a "pa", so I followed the sound. Everything in front of me pulled up the brow on my forehead. The little brother was so civilized that he didn't throw debris after eating it. My heart is like a rough sea, can not be calm for a long time, civilization should be cultivated from childhood! If every student in the school is like him, won't the campus become like a garbage dump? No, I can't just sit back. I must stop this bad behavior. Didn't the teacher say that? Don't make good small but don't do it.

I took two steps in three steps and said to him with a smile: 'little brother, look, how clean our campus is! There is no litter on the grass, you throw the garbage on the ground, as if your beautiful clothes are covered with stains. Little brother, are you still beautiful? 'My little brother understood me, and a sweet smile appeared on his white and soft face. He said to me, 'sister, thank you. Then they carefully send the rubbish to their home, the dustbin.

At that moment, I was so happy! Because I let my little brother's heart bloom the flower of civilization with my action, I believe that the flower will be more and more brilliant! My sincere friend_ 350 words my friend Liu Mengqi, he is a sincere person.

Once, I met a math problem, I went to ask Xiao Li, Xiao Li said she couldn't. I went to consult Xiao Ming, and Xiao Ming said: 'even you can't, and I can't? 'I went to ask Xiao Gang again, and he hesitated. At this time, my classmate Liu Mengqi came. I went to consult him in a hurry. He said frankly: 'I asked if I could help you. So he patiently explained to me how to solve this problem.

Another time, we went to Anguo by bus. We enjoyed the scenery on both sides of the road and talked and laughed. At this time, an old woman got on the bus. My classmate Liu Mengqi immediately stopped talking and laughed and gave her a seat first. The old woman quickly said, "good boy! I said to Liu Mengqi: 'you are always very kind to people. Liu Mengqi said with a smile: 'sincerity is mutual. If you are good to others, others will be good to you. I said: 'you are my sincere friend! 'we look at each other and smile.

This is my good friend -- Liu Mengqi, a sincere Liu Mengqi. I'm so happy_ 450 words new year's Day is coming, the school decided to let the students hold a clean-up, our class students work together, soon the classroom floor clean, the sanitation corner of the broom is also neat.

Only four windows have not been cleaned. The window is so high that I have to climb to the table. No one wants to clean it. The monitor said: 'the windows of our class can't be cleaned. Who would like to clean the windows? 'There was a complete silence in the classroom, and no one wanted to raise their hands. I looked back and saw that the blackboard newspaper said: 'learn from Lei Feng's good example! 'the teacher said that the story of Lei Feng came back to me. That scene, all so touching. I thought: 'in my class, I'm the tallest. I should go up and wipe it. 'thinking of this, I said aloud: 'I do. The monitor said, "OK! Wei Cheng, you go up and wipe it. "Without saying a word, I took a rag to climb up and wipe it. I finally cleaned the window with great effort. The monitor said: 'Weicheng, thank you! Clean the windows so well! But for you, I don't know what to do! 'I blushed and said:' it's nothing. I'm a member of the class. '

The next day, when I came to school, the teacher asked: 'who cleaned the windows? So clean. The monitor said: 'it was Chen Weicheng. The teacher praised him and said: 'Wei Cheng, you are so good! 'My heart has blossomed. Today, I'm so happy.