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rainy day

Saturday, June 30, XX weather: fine

Dida Dida, it turned out that Xia Yu was singing! It landed on a small leaf and was playing on the slide. It drops on the flowers to play, greedily sucking the sweet pollen. In the campus, drizzle drips into children's lapels. It's cool and comfortable. Drizzle drops to the children's clothes, all of a sudden disappeared, but the children's clothes left a mark, this is the trace of drizzle. The raindrop came to the umbrella. With a drop, the raindrop fell to the ground again. Xiaoyudi is so naughty! Small raindrops gather in a small puddle, the sun father-in-law bed together, small drops will become small steam. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Then the sun rose to the sky. Back to the warm embrace of cloud mother. In a few days, the little drops will come back to us. I love rainy days.