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"Di! The new wall of Yi Hengcheng

Cross dimensional sweet love nurtures love idol drama "Di! "Boyfriends card" is the finale of this week's member update, which is jointly produced by Hunan happy sunshine interactive entertainment media Co., Ltd., Hunan mango production media Co., Ltd. and Hunan Radio and television channel. Mango TV is customized and mango production is undertaken. New actor Yi Heng plays Nangong, the perfect boyfriend. In order for Qianqian to return to the game and fight against the fake Nangong, he finally recovers the game, which is described by opera fans as' looking for sugar in the glass'. As a new actor, Yi Heng gave excellent answers in his first work and was accepted as his new wall by many fans.

Open sweet end, Yi Heng's two roles, big challenge

"Di! On Monday, Nangong returned to the game for Qianqian's dream and kept the game. In the end, the perfect boyfriend won the championship of the annual competition, but Nangong couldn't come back in order to maintain the balance of the game world. Finally, he said goodbye to Qianqian through the game world dialog box and sent his best wishes. A lot of fans are so abused that they want to send a blade to the screenwriter. "It's like looking for sugar in the glass! 'This time, Yi Heng played two roles. The real and fake Nangong's eyes changed instantly, leaving an impression on many netizens. It's really a challenge for new actors who don't have a professional background.

Wang Yiheng is accepted as a new wall

Since the start of the play, the new actor Yi Heng has received a lot of attention. He is 188 years old, with long legs and good acting skills. He is still a "king of jiegeng" on Weibo. On April Fool's day, Yi Heng launched a rainbow fart competition with his fans and had a good time with his fans battle rainbow fart. Many fans take Yi Heng as their new wall and expect that Yi Heng can have better works to meet the audience.

Yi Heng's first male drama "Di! "Boyfriends card" officially ended this week, but Yi Heng's acting career has just begun. I hope this promising teenager will surprise us again and again!