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Singer Zhou Shen has appeared in many music activities, ending March with his song

Last week, singer Zhou Shen successively appeared in Beijing and Wuhan, successively appearing in the release conference of the golden list of pop music, the "deep time deep" concert and the "sound of nature" concert of Guoman. Not only did he have a face-to-face meeting with Lu Hu at the press conference for the first time, but also made sushi to feed the fans at the concert. The beautiful music and Zhou Shen's witty remarks made the end of March more meaningful.

Zhou Shen and netizen Lu Hu meet in Beijing

As an old friend of the golden list of pop music, Zhou Shen not only assisted in the 'music face-to-face' series of activities of the golden list of pop music in 2018 three times, but also shared some interesting things about music and life with his fans. This time, Zhou Shen appeared at the press conference and revealed that he was preparing his second album recently. The style of the songs was in the form of "Bel Canto + pop", and he claimed that it belonged to "music trick". This time, Zhou Shen also hopes to bring the works presented in this way overseas, so that foreign audiences can understand their unique music types. At the press conference, Zhou Shen and singer Lu Hu performed a clip of the song "the sound of snow falling" on the same stage for the first time. Zhou Shen also joked that he had been in touch with Land Rover by mobile phone all the time, but he didn't meet him. This is the first face-to-face interview of netizens. After the press conference, the funny interaction between the two people on Weibo also attracted fans.

Another more important thing for Zhou Shen, who came to Beijing this time, is the 'deep and profound' music sharing meeting held on March 28. Compared with concerts, music sharing is not only for us to hear Zhou Shen's music, but also for us to get in touch with the real Zhou Shen. The concert was packed with fans from different places. With the prelude of the theme song "origin" of Guoman's film "White Snake & middot; origin", the interactive and welfare filled concert officially opened. Zhou Shen even brought the microphone customized by his fans to the scene. In addition to filling the ears of his fans, he also made sushi full of love on the scene to satisfy them. Finally, the whole music sharing meeting was pushed to a climax with a song "deeply remember" given by raw rice. Zhou crimson, who always has a low tear point, said: "we must be happy every day. If there is an unhappy moment, it will pass. I hope it can bring you happiness. '

Zhou Shen strongly supports Guoman, carries forward traditional culture and helps original music

Zhou Shen, who has always supported Guoman and sang songs for many Guoman films, was invited to participate in Guoman Tianlai concert held in Wuhan. Zhou Shen, wearing a national style suit full of design sense, presented his representative works "big fish" and "origin" and other songs for fans who had been waiting for a long time. Zhou Shen's voice is ethereal and graceful, which makes people feel like they are in Wonderland. The fans gathered around the scene and were intoxicated.

In addition to contributing to the cause of Guoman, Zhou Shen is also very supportive of original music. Will be in the next issue (April 6 broadcast) original musicians competitive growth show "this! It's the original that makes a surprise appearance as an original helping guest. The high-level cover of chuang'er Deng Jianchao's "good night" on the scene, and the gentle and delicate voice makes this' heart piercing love song 'heal. At the same time, Zhou Shen will also participate in the music debate competition, a new competition system of the program, to launch the "immortal debate" with the participating creators. The preview released in advance makes fans eager to give up, and makes people look forward to Zhou Shen's performance in the program!