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Bid farewell to yesterday's brand new launch

Since last year, he Jie, a musician, has put his focus back on music, opened numerous job offers, and personally served as the album director. After a year, he has perfectly integrated the feelings of life, the perception of things and the voice full of soul into the music, and released the annual sincere work goodbye to He Jie digital album. Now, the physical album is officially released in the expectation of many music fans, and is on sale on major online platforms such as Netease cloud mall and Jingdong.

The endless cycle of love, with the voice of the bottom of my heart

The title of the album "goodbye to He Jie" seems to be more like he Jie's examination of her past experience, a process of returning to her original heart and searching for her true self from the origin. Draw a circle of time and carve out your own appearance. Instead of blindly following, it has nothing to do with the market volume and sales figures. Instead, it goes back to the pure, free and beautiful music itself, which is like a deep soul transaction, planting the seeds of love in the hearts of listeners.

The album includes 10 amazing works in the name of love. These ten songs are like ten poems of love. The preface is ingenious. From the first "return to love" to the tenth "born to love", they point out the core spirit of the album and echo the title of the album "goodbye". From ten to one, they enter the infinite circle of love.

Exquisite and novel album design unreservedly presents the true meaning of life

The album cover is novel, unique and full of warmth. Zhao Hongtao, the cutting-edge record designer, is specially invited to create it by himself, integrating He Jie's distinctive profile with the indispensable landscape elements in various life stories. The album stretches to a perfect state, and the simple and plain layers of paper cutting are constantly superimposed, just like a dream fairy tale. When the sun shines into the forest and looks to the end, you will find a little girl holding a small square box in her hand, which contains her most precious things: love, self-esteem, respect and courage. It is also because of precious, often easy to forget. To this end, she will spend her whole life searching, understanding and talking. This is the most valuable life, not to find the answer, but to constantly pursue the unknown courage.

Open the inside page of the album and carve life notes on the white paper. A section of profound and sincere words quietly fall in it, that is to state a section of sincere life sentiment, but also to convey a cognition and understanding of love. The collision of life makes he Jie constantly comprehend and grow up. Those rare and ordinary interactions and feelings in the past are the Muses of her music. In her music, we can feel the temperature in each other's heart and ignite the real spark.

This will be a true and pure album full of soul. From the music itself to the album design, we should explore and feel the mystery and uniqueness together, and feel the temperature in He Jie's soul and his interpretation of life. At the same time, he Jie is also expected to use her unique voice to continuously convey her unique heart temperature and bring more music works with attitude to music fans.