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Zheng Kai and Xu Dong's best boyfriend evolution saves the dying Hong Kong comedy

Since Hong Kong has its own movies, comedy has always been the mainstream. Li Hanxiang, Chu Yuan, brothers Xu, Zhang Jianting and Zhou Xingchi, who have almost accompanied the growth of a generation, have skillfully reflected the social situation of Hong Kong over the past few decades. In the midst of ridicule and ridicule, they have promoted the grass-roots spirit of survival in adversity;

During the heyday of Hong Kong film in the 1980s and 1990s, many unforgettable films were produced. The Hong Kong comedy, such as happy ghost series, hardcover chasing girls, truant Weilong, East and West, became the classics of a generation. However, since the rise of Neidi film, there has been no such classic works in Hong Kong comedy;

The mainland market has been divided up by happy Mahua, Benshan media, big bowl entertainment, Deyun society, etc., and Hong Kong comedy has been unable to resist. Now, Hong Kong's annual wild comedy "evolution of best boyfriend" will be launched in national theaters on April 12. The film is directed by Lin Zicong, supervised by Wang Jing, starred by Zheng Kai, Xu Dongdong, Fang Lishen, and starred by Zhang Yuqi;

The film combines the classic elements of pure Hong Kong, such as cold humor, nonsense, high cold beauty, bad girl's counterattack, chasing after love and so on. The design of male and female characters in the film is diversified. Through all kinds of men and women, it outlines the life of urban love, and gives birth to a colorful but eternal love style;

"Evolution of best boyfriend" can be regarded as the pioneer of Hong Kong comedy which is saving the dying out. It combines the elements of classic retro Hong Kong Film and solves the most popular 'love routine' to analyze how love will proceed between routine and sincerity, and the creators Zheng Kai and Xu Dongdong form a new lineup;

One is Zheng Kai, who dissected his predecessor's classic romantic comedy ex 3: goodbye to his predecessor in 2017, and the other is Xu Dongdong in Xihong city's richest man, who broke the comedy film ranking first in 2018;

One is the resident guest in the ace variety show "running brothers", and the other is the national sister-in-law in the phenomenal online drama "Yu sin";

In the film, Zheng Kai will play fan fan, an old driver in love. By chance, he decides to set up a training camp for male deities. With his unique love experience, he will help those single dogs who are hard to find in love evolve into "best boyfriends.";

Xu Dongdong will play the role of Wan'er, who changes her face for love. Her appearance is very common, even a little ugly. She wears black glasses and braces, freckles and ordinary clothes. In the crowd, she has always been the one who is humble and complacent. After experiencing emotion, she becomes a butterfly and a sexy goddess;

It is worth mentioning that the character similar to but opposite to Xu Dongdong is Wenjing, the queen of gaoleng, played by Zhang Yuqi. She is beautiful and arrogant, and is the focus of the public;

Wenjing and Wan'er, one is always in the cloud, the other is upward in the later stage, forming a sharp contrast and contrast;

In real life, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong are the representatives of the two generations of sexy goddesses. Both of them are famous for their true temperament. This time, they play together to watch the light and sparkle. It's exciting to save the dying Hong Kong comedy. The best boyfriend evolution 412 by Zheng Kai, Xu Dongdong and Zhang Yuqi is with you!