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Little actor Zhang Ge's Fashion Week show little curly hair is cute and cool

Recently, 12-year-old actor Zhang Ge appeared in Beijing 751 new can for China International Fashion Week missose x SECOO 2019 autumn and winter new product "sleepwalking" series show. The show is a chance encounter for Chinese high-end children's wear brand missose. Together with the global luxury platform Siku, the show pays homage to childlike innocence with an unimaginable sleepwalk. This is Zhang Ge's second show for the brand. Wearing the latest concept White Ruffle Top and Capri pants, and holding a delicate pillow, gege is still able to walk on the runway again, with a strong air. The explosive curly hair under the pink yarn bow adds a bit of soft and cute, which is the familiar sweet cool gege.

Zhang Ge, who was born in 2007, although she is only 12 years old this year, has appeared in many high-quality films and TV plays. She once played Xiao Weiyang in the TV series "August Weiyang" starring Song Xi and rain, and Xiao Lianxin in the TV series "your name my surname" starring Yang Fan and Zhang Xueying. In 18 years, he played the role of Gu Ling's little AI in the TV series "Honey stewed squid" starring Li Xian, Yang Zi, Hu Yitian, etc., and in the high burning youth inspirational drama "shining girl" he played the erhu musician of the folk music department - another silent two-dimensional housemaid Yingzai. We are looking forward to more model and actor surprises in 2019.