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Chen Xiaozu hailing and Li Jiaqi gather in clover brand activity to "shine" and hope the city is ful

Last Friday, Chen Xiaozu, hailing and Li Jiaqi collectively appeared on the limited release site of Adidas origins nite jogger in Shanghai, full of vitality. With its special color presentation, nite jogger highlights the avant-garde modern beauty, aiming at condensing the creative light and lighting the city night.

When youth collides with sports, Chen Xiaozu and Li Jiaqi show a different style

Chen Xiaozu and Li Jiaqi, who were present that night, showed their vigor with a refreshing sports style. "Youth fight" starring Chen Xiaoxu and "wait a minute, my youth" starring Li Jiaqi are both popular. The two young female masters' Jin Xiaoni 'and' Su cancan 'show different styles of modeling from the play, which is full of variety.

In the fight for youth, Jin Xiaoni, an addicted girl played by Chen Xiaoxu, is lively and lovely. She makes the audience headache because she is reunited with her ex in the play. However, when she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating again, the audience is deeply distressed for the girl who is in great love. I don't know if Jin Xiaoni can gain growth and love.

In "wait a minute, my youth", Su cancan, the heroine played by Li Jiaqi, has entered university from high school. Her relationship with LAN Tianye and Lin Jiaze has become more and more clear. What kind of university life will the five partners of the radio station usher in when they form a band and join the band?

The first exposure of Hailing fitness diary

"The story of haola" Princess Yahuo's sad and beautiful offline is still fresh in my mind. Hailing has become a fitness expert. Besides the fitness photos on her microblog, she also released the fitness diary of her circle of friends. When participating in clover activities that night, a full body of sports and leisure clothes can not stop a good figure.

The three little flowers are waiting to broadcast their works. They are not afraid of changing day and night, and their creativity will never stop. "Youth fight" is broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Oriental satellite TV at 7:30 every night, and "wait a minute, my youth" Youku video is broadcast alone, which is constantly exciting.