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Bi Xia's new single "let's do it this way" goes online to explore the dream and helplessness of the

On April 1, Bixia brought a new single "let's do it", which tells the story of you and me in real life. While we are looking forward to a perfect love for our whole life, we are also playing various roles in our life. Maybe not every relationship can go to the end, but thank you very much for the person who appeared and accompanied us on that lonely road!

Bi Xia describes the story with singing, thanks for every "sincere"

This time, Bisha broke the previous understanding of her, and brought a new lyric single "let's do it". With the piano sound of sadness but not sadness as the keynote, and with Bisha's slightly hoarse voice, Bisha's delicate and gentle emotional world was outlined, and all the common pain and toss of love that failed to come to the end were also told. After listening to the song demo, Bi Xia quickly filled in the words for the song, almost in one go. Everyone has his own opinions about feelings, but Bisha wants to tell you a story about thanks and goodbye with his true feelings.

When two parallel lines walking on their respective tracks intersect by chance, from strange to familiar, to blend into each other's world and grind off their own edges and corners, until one day they find that both sides are no longer themselves, it's too hard to give up and too tired, only memories are beautiful! This is a song of thanks for meeting each other in one's lifetime, for treating each other sincerely, and for the peace of returning to zero in the end. This is also a farewell song, farewell to the green memory of us, farewell to naive love, farewell to that like me you, like you me.

Unique date witness growth remember the beginning

I don't know when it started. April 1st is very special for Bi Xia. It always appears at her important moment. Maybe it's April 1st of a certain year. She walks into the police station and tells the staff 'I want to apply for an ID card'. From then on, the birthday of this ID card will be April 1st. Maybe it's April 1st, 2014. Bi Xia's first single "quiet down" To meet you formally, and to the first album of the same name "Bi Xia" released last year, we also chose April 1. Based on a variety of coincidences, this day is not entirely April Fool's day for bishop. It has witnessed the growth of bishop step by step. 'I hope that I will not forget my original intention in a small way of reincarnation. It can also be regarded as a gift for those who love me and myself! '