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"Five elder brothers know painting" continues the front edge! Gu Juji's fashion show invites Qin LAN

On March 31, Gu Juji brought his own brand solo celeb. And htdg to Shanghai Fashion week for the fifth year, bringing a brand-new autumn and winter series of 2019. Ku Juji's design in autumn and winter of 2019 with the theme of "it & rsquo; s overpriced?" "pay for the design, not the brand." brings out the rethinking of fashion values. In this Shanghai Fashion Week, Gu Juji specially invited his good friend 'Fucha Queen' Qin LAN to attend the show as a guest for the first time, which ignited the atmosphere on the scene!

In the aspect of fashion design, Gu Juji integrates the free and unrestrained fashion ideas into the overall style. No matter the ol accessories elements such as suits, shirts and leather are blended and reshaped with gorgeous spinning, or the silhouette of the clothing is expressed in the combination of short and long versions: irregular skirt with fluorescent boots, multi connection of hooded sweater with transparent pants, multi-color sweater reverse wear, cardigan and long coat, etc., with different styles of single product highlighting the level High and contrast, with clothing language to show clothing personality, so as to more in-depth expression of the spirit of freedom.

Highlight the avant-garde brand attitude! Gujuji's new products in autumn and winter

Gu Juji founded two major clothing brands in 2009: Solo celeb. Htdg.

Solo celeb. Is inspired by music and movies, and conveys a personal fashion world outlook with its brand. Htdg, a high-end street fashion brand, creates a popular high street style with its unique black humor and playful design. This season's tailoring is based on oversize, with dazzling details such as fluorescent colors, avant-garde patterns and designs, bold and playful tailoring and mixing, highlighting its rebellious playful brand attitude.

Qin Lan's surprise show 'Zhihua' meets' brother five '

In the past, Gu Juji held fashion shows in Shanghai Fashion Week and invited special guests to help. This year, Qin LAN, a good friend, was invited to the show. When the model 'Zhihua' met the designer 'five elder brother', she immediately brought the show back to huanzhu and killed her memory! It is reported that this fashion show is Qin Lan's first time as a model to open the catwalk mode. Such attentive support also makes the two fans feel very warm and keep calling for their friendship!

Gu Juji specially designed a unique walk show look for Qin LAN, breaking the inherent clothing collocation, boldly using splicing elements, combining shirts and suits, and matching with the unique cutting characteristics of the spinning cake skirt, which perfectly set off Qin Lan's elegant and capable 'Queen' temperament, and perfectly explained the theme of the brand's pondering fashion and breaking the Convention. Not only that, this look's' off shoulder waist high fork skirt 'also shows Qin Lan's charming, sexy and other characteristics incisively and vividly. In the show, Qin Lan's hand-held skirt is gentle and online. She walks slowly on the T-stage, which is very moving. The big long legs of "two meters of visual sensation" become the focus of the whole show, which is worth the attention!

It is worth mentioning that in Qin Lan's fashion show, Gu Juji, the designer, combines the 'mix and match style' to the extreme. Based on the current popular splicing style on the street, he combines daily ol clothing with evening dress style, which not only conveys the creative idea of this season's fashion show, but also makes his own clothes according to Qin Lan's own temperament and shape!

At the end of fashion show, designer Gu Juji and show guest Qin LAN landed on the runway! After "huanzhu gege 3", netizens were very excited when they performed together again 15 years later. They said that they would accept a wave of childhood memories: "there is a friendship called Gu Juji Qin Lan", "brother Wu designs clothes for Zhihua, and knows that painting is brother Wu's show. What kind of fairy CP is it?" and "time is just preservative on their faces! '

Interview with Gu Juji and Qin LAN

In the interview after the show, it's very interesting for Gu Juji and Qin LAN to throw sticks at each other. Qin Lan said that she loves the whole set of clothes designed by Ji Ge very much. When asked why Qin Lan was invited to take part in the show, Gu Juji said: 'I searched Qin Lan's keywords on the Internet. What I found out was long legs. Long legs can't be buried. Qin Lan also responded: "in fact, I don't have very long legs. It's jigo's design that makes my legs longer. This cooperation also makes me discover jigo's talent again. '

Gu Juji said that the tacit understanding of the cooperation is due to the deep friendship between them, and Qin Lan's professional attitude is also very touching! Due to their busy work, designer Gu Juji and show guest Qin LAN have been communicating with each other in the way of 'SMS contact'. The day before the show, Qin LAN tried on the show clothes and went to the rehearsal site to practice repeatedly. Gu Juji also sent her the show videos of professional models for reference, and watched them repeatedly before the show. She was very dedicated.

At the same time, Gu Juji also revealed that he would rush back to Hong Kong immediately after the fashion week to continue rehearsal for the concert in Hong Kong Red Mansions in mid April. Qin Lan also incarnated as a fan sister and said: 'give me tickets for the concert! "Facing five elder brother and Zhihua in the same frame, Qin Lan also gave a warm response:" in those days, Jige gave me a lot of suggestions for new people. Today, standing on Jige's t-show, my first show in my life also gave me a different harvest and a different extension.

The "solo celeb." / htdg "brand show of gujuji is the fifth time to land in Shanghai Fashion week. Gu Juji once said: 'persevere in what you like. Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. 'in the future, we also expect omnipotent ancient Sir to stick to his dream and bring us more surprises!