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Li Yitong walking on the streets of Hong Kong

Recently, Li Yitong appeared in Hong Kong and was invited to participate in the TVB signing ceremony of the TV series Datang daughter's trip. This time, the luggage Yitong in Hong Kong has brought many surprises. She wanders in the streets of Hong Kong with strong Hong Kong style. Her shoulder length short hair and bright yellow patchwork long windbreaker echo with the same color shoes. The light and ripe texture of femininity overflows the screen. Another group of photos are leisurely drinking on the street corner, the black leather clothes are cool just right, the hair is naturally curled on the shoulders, the eyes are floating to the distance, full of story.

It is reported that Li Yitong will have "sword Dynasty", "Haitang Jingyu Rouge", "Hezhe Huating" and other six works to be released, please look forward to it.