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Why are Zheng Shuang's acting skills always crushed by the second girl in "youth fight" vs "my nanny

Directed by Zhao Baogang and starred by Zheng Shuang, the TV series "fight for youth" has been on the rise steadily since its popularity on Oriental satellite TV. The play tells the story of Xiang Zhen and other five girls who are about to graduate from university and grow up in failure, and finally realize their dreams. The play is Zheng Shuang's original voice, although sometimes it is unclear by spit and sometimes it is not clear, many netizens find this little acting more powerful than the last one, but still make complaints about the actress's four actresses, such as Yue Xi, Xu Yue, Chen Xiaoyun and Wang Xiuzhu.

Every time Zheng Shuang's main role in TV was not broadcast, he sat on the high side. However, with the decline of TV ratings, more and more people began to make complaints about Zheng Shuang's "Tucao mode". But after the "youth fight", the director himself praised her very much. She was very cracking. 'it's very good. Not only has she finished the role, but it's still a little bit beyond my imagination.' he even prepared to make complaints about Zheng Shuang's friends: "Zheng Shuang doesn't have a bad acting skill, and her acting explode, who will not argue with me. '

Zheng Shuang's acting skills burst out of shame in my nanny's Handbook. In 2018, the last play starring Zheng Shuang should be "my nanny Handbook" co starred with indipa and LV Jiarong in early November. In "my nanny Handbook", Zheng Shuang's robot Saori's "staring, beeping, stomping" trilogy is called by the audience, and still stays in "let's watch the meteor shower", with exaggerated expression, excessive action and so on. In the play, LAN LAN, who is played by LV Jiarong, is pressed to death. The leading actor LV Jiarong has built up a reputation with her extraordinary acting skills. Her acting popularity and figure make the audience have a more comprehensive understanding in the play.

Lvjiarong in Tsing Yi has always proved her acting skills with her strength. She has her own "Palace" aura, and the screen is very appealing, which is deeply loved by the audience. In such plays as "beauty in the world", "Xiaoao in the river and the lake", "Jinxiuyuan's Gorgeous Adventure", "fengfengdajia", "life as if we met at the same time" and "execution sword", we can accurately grasp the emotional points and create a unique soul for each character.

It is reported that the TV series "the story of marriage" will go online this year, starring Ma Tianyu and Liu Tao. It has conquered the audience with its professional acting skills, which is the best recognition for the actors to get the praise of the audience.