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Liu Yifei, Guo biting, Lu Jia, the most natural actress in the entertainment industry

Nowadays, not only the entertainment stars, but also the girls on the street, most of their faces have been fine tuned. Few of them have not had their faces adjusted in the circle. It's true that they can get more opportunities when they have beauty. But it's not a long-term solution just to have the same beauty. It's those natural beauties who can be active on the stage for a long time, and they have their own unique beauty Knowledge, easy to let people remember, such as Liu Yifei, Guo biting, Lu Jiarong, after years of baptism, they still exude their own charm, face value is very resistant.

fairy sister Liu Yifei is a rare natural beauty

Liu Yifei has always been the immortal sister in everyone's heart Her beauty is not only in appearance, but also in temperament. In the past, she gave people the feeling that she was a pure beauty who didn't eat fireworks between people. Now she has a mature little sexy. She can always see a confident expression, no affectation, and no gossip. However, such a pure natural beauty with this temperament is also popular in the entertainment industry It's very rare.

oxygen beauty Guo biting has a good feeling of first love

Guo biting is a well-known beauty , give people a feeling of first love girlfriend, smile face is full of happy smile, let people move, although her appearance is not amazing, but beautiful and comfortable, her beauty is a kind of cold beauty, elegant as orchid, gentle and elegant, behavior between all reveal the feeling of lady, give people the impression is that kind of pure natural girl with a beautiful feeling of first love.

"Pure nature" Lu Jiarong: Yujie is cute again

Lu Jiarong is also a zero plastic surgery actress, she gives people a fresh feeling, as if a beautiful scenery, let people never tire of seeing, her facial features are very three-dimensional, especially her high nose, big eyes and shallow dimples, can not only the image of the imperial sister, but also coquettish and cute, her beauty is not that kind of petty charm, but a bit more atmosphere, and her beauty Beautiful, but also with a few Yingqi temperament, very natural.