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Yan Xingyi's cool life, can we not be sad

The urban emotional drama "Liangsheng, can we not be sad" is produced by Mitao film, directed by Liu Junjie and starred by Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi and Yan Xing. It is adapted from a novel of the same name by Le Xiaomi. It tells the story of love and protection, deep love and company between Cheng Tianyou, Liangsheng and Jiang Sheng, spanning 20 years Yan Xingyi, a powerful actor, plays Wang Lin, a teacher of supporting education and an infatuated and warm man.

Wang Lin is a senior of Jiang Sheng (Sun Yi) and her instructor in college. They have a lot of friendship. When Jiang Sheng is in need, Wang Lin takes her to the southwest mountain area to support her education. During this period, Wang Lin not only takes care of Jiang Sheng, but also quietly likes a girl Song Zhi. He builds a house for her and plants all the flowers she likes But Song Zhi is the girlfriend of Wang Lin's good brother. Although his good brother died in an accident, the gap between them will stay forever.

With Wang Lin's constant efforts, Song Zhi feels his sincerity, but he still can't accept the relationship. So he has to go away. When Liang Sheng (MA Tianyu) comes to pick up Jiang Sheng, Wang Lin just says, "you go. I have Song Zhi's house with me. I'd better stay here with the children.". After that, Wang Lin sent Jiang Sheng a picture of him and his children, saying that everyone missed her very much.

From all kinds of deeds, we can see that Wang Lin is a very simple and sincere young man. He treats his friends and children with enthusiasm and integrity, but he is a little timid in the face of feelings, and likes them silently. But he is a real man with great love. When it comes to the role, actor Yan Xingyi once said that I feel that the role of Wang Lin is very similar to myself and warm. Indeed, nowadays, a man builds a house for his beloved girl brick by brick, and the girl may not be able to be with him. This Platonic feeling is not acceptable to all people.

Yan Xingyi said with a smile that this work was shot in 2016. At that time, it was still relatively young. It's a pity that the role can be deeper. If there is more space, it should show better. It is reported that many works performed by Yan Xingyi, such as "my immortal girlfriend" and "sword Dynasty", will meet with you one after another. Please pay attention to them.