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Zheng Luoxi: not taking risks is a disappointment to life

Since the launch of the little rose public welfare program, I have seen many little roses. With their own efforts, they finally grasp their own life.

Xiaofang is one of them.

Although she is just an ordinary white-collar, but in my eyes, she is a very excellent explorer.

A teacher in my high school once said to me, "everyone is born an explorer.". At that time, I was not able to understand the meaning of this sentence.

A few days ago, when I saw Xiaofang again, I realized the meaning of this sentence.

Xiaofang is one of the first girls to enter our little rose public welfare program.

In 2013, Xiaofang studied in grade three of Changting No.1 middle school. There is a sick grandmother and a brother who is also studying in the family. It is very difficult for a single mother to run the family by herself.

Even so, she worked very hard, studying hard and earning tuition.

After class every week, she would take advantage of the weekend break time to go to the restaurant near the school to do odd jobs. As a waiter, she would carry dishes and wash dishes. She would work more than ten hours a day from morning to night to save more possibilities for her future.

When I first met her, she was shy and said very little, but she firmly said: 'going to college is too important for me! '

For that firm look, we began to support her.

A year later, Xiaofang was admitted to the University in the provincial capital.

In the summer of 2017, we got a call from her. She told us that she has already started her internship. With her internship salary, she no longer needs financial support. Moreover, she hopes to join us and help more little roses.

After graduation, she declined the company we introduced to her and found a job in Shanghai.

A few days ago, she came to Shenzhen on business, hoping to meet us. At that time, I was in Los Angeles shooting "California Games.". Fortunately, she had a long business trip, so we finally met.

She has given up the original shyness and shyness, full of confidence, and told us about her experience.

She majored in logistics, joined the school Circulation Association, assisted the president to hold the national circulation masters competition, logistics simulation design competition and logistics knowledge competition, led the team to participate in the third college students' elite challenge circulation enterprise operation simulation competition, and won the second prize of the grand land finals.

She also served as the president of the student librarian union of the university library, organized hundreds of large-scale activities for many times, and worked part-time as a telemarketer of the real estate company and a campus sales Ambassador with a bright future.

She participated in various public welfare activities and hoped that she could help more people. In the summer vacation of her sophomore year and junior year, she participated in the summer education activities for left behind children in the county for two consecutive years.

He also tried bungee jumping and won the title of the braver with the highest height in the Strait (73 meters bungee jumping).

With 3000 yuan in her pocket, she has traveled to more than ten cities by herself, staying in youth hostels, buying 20 yuan air tickets, taking trains, catching buses, planning by herself, looking at the cultural landscapes, customs and customs of different cities, and feeling different urban atmosphere.

She said: 'whatever I can do, I want to try'.

She moved me.

When I was 17 years old, I went out of Fujian for the first time in my life. My teacher suggested me to take part in the first "tomorrow's star" competition in Guangdong, although I had no idea about the competition at that time.

At the moment when I won the championship, the judge teacher said to me, "son, you can go to the film academy. This step, let me enter the film and television industry.

I am grateful for the teacher's proposal at that moment, and I am also glad that I have made such an attempt, so that now I can experience the life of different roles in different movies, and I will cherish everything I have more.

But without the teacher's encouragement and advice, I asked myself that I probably didn't have the courage to do something so risky.

From birth to now, we have been on the road of growth, groping forward, and each time we move forward, we may find a new self in the unknown world - a more certain self that you can't know in situ. Maybe, people at different stages will be confused, but there is a good way for us to move towards a more definite self, that is, to constantly try and explore the unknown world. This is a kind of power, which will push us towards a better future.

There is no sketch in life. The essence of life is an exploration. We can enrich and grow by trying and exploring the unknown.

On the way to leave that day, I met a small florist. I gave her a bunch of flowers. She said that it was the first flower she received in her life. I saw the long lost shyness in her smile.