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"In the name of the regiment" ends perfectly

With the public performance stage after stage, Youku art training program "in the name of the group" finally ushered in the final public performance and officially ended. Since the broadcast, the players of the six teams have been adhering to the tenet of "fighting together, more shining", running all the way, fighting together, and the team is full of spirits. Off line puppet class members from the initial non-stop friction collision to frequent recognition, together write friendship years, warm stage moved the whole audience. Chen Shunlong and Honghao went to the popularity group together from sticking to the agreement at the beginning. Their dream of growing up eventually came true, and they gained a large number of 'longshun girls'.

The most warm stage is scheduled to explode the audience's lacrimal gland in "if there is an afterlife"

The off-line puppet class, which has always been facing the public with the image of "strong dance company" and amazing dance performance, has changed its previous image and selected the warm love song "if there is an afterlife" as the final performance. The subversive stage made the tutor and the audience scream frequently, and won the highest evaluation of the director: "it's the most warm performance I've ever seen on this stage, thank you.". In the performance, Chen Shun's original rap pushed the stage atmosphere to a climax, and long Honghao used his best way to jump out of his reluctance to the last performance and expectation for the future. He carefully interpreted and matched the heart piercing lyrics, beautiful dancing posture with romantic and hopeful canon, which made the soul dancer charming. With the end of the performance, the soul of the group burst out during the practice, which not only showed the charm of the different stage, but also detonated the lacrimal gland, making last night's closing stage a large-scale 'circle powder scene'.

Chen Shunlong, Hong Hao, company all the way

Since "the best of us", Chen Shunlong Honghao has been accompanying her all the way. This time, she has become a member of the "popularity class". The "longshun girls" have been on the line one after another, expressing that they are happy that they can continue to support each other and work together. In the show, long Honghao and Chen Shun are good partners of "love and kill each other"; in private, they are good brothers who know each other best and will feel the deepest feelings from each other's performances. Chen Shunlong and Honghao have a bright future.