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"In the name of the regiment" ushers in the graduation performance

Last night, "in the name of the group" ushered in the night of the final, causing public concern. Song Wenxin, one of the "three brothers of ice and fire" in leisurely film and television, regretted that he missed his debut. Since the broadcast, song Wenxin's beautiful appearance and lively and cheerful personality have been loved by the audience. Although he can't make his debut together with his good brothers, song Wenxin said: thanks for the support of every fan, he will always strive to make progress and never stop.

So far, song Wenxin has broken through himself again and again. At the beginning of the stage, the "love scenario" which cooperated with good friend Yang Tong and others was hotly discussed by netizens. After the division, all kinds of stages of lightning kindergarten held the audience's eyes tightly, "Mars Intelligence Agency" was impressive, "Li" witnessed the growth of teenagers, "saved me" made teenagers draw a perfect end on this stage. Every hard working moment is a step towards success, and every perfect ending stage is the best gift for the audience who love him.

It's like the lyrics of "you used to be a teenager" performed in the graduation report: "I feel like I have two wings, and I can fly over mountains and oceans.". Dreams are his wings, which will lead him to the next peak. After a short parting, I believe song Wenxin will bring more surprises to the audience. Let's look forward to the growth of the youth together!