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Wan Yunfeng's patriotic feelings when invited to watch the show

Yesterday, at the invitation of designer Hao Weimin, performance artist Wan Yunfeng was invited to watch teacher Hao's 2019 grand show "elegant oriental". Wan Yunfeng, dressed in a well-designed improved Hanfu, was very eye-catching and became the focus of the guests. In particular, the baohulu earrings and the patterns on the clothing are the soul of the whole clothing. In the interview, Mr. Wan Yunfeng said: China is the world. Everyone of us should protect Chinese culture and inherit the great spirit of the Chinese nation.

In recent years, Wan Yunfeng has been committed to promoting the forefront of environmental protection. In his unique way, he promotes environmental protection with his unrestrained clothing performance art, and calls on everyone to work together to protect our living environment and benefit future generations. Wan Yunfeng is a descendant of Manchu noble, Manchu eight banners and zhenghuang banner. He is a pioneer behavior artist of environmental protection, a designer of environmental protection clothing, an all-round overall stylist, an international famous brand and a large number of star Royal modeling consultants. It integrates many art fields, with unique ideas and ideas, and is able to move between art and aesthetics.

Its professionalism and extraordinary creativity are widely concerned and recognized. In many countries have shown their own environmental protection fashion behavior art works, received strong support and favor. His works of art have been published in vogue, a top international fashion magazine, and become a symbol of the new generation leading the fashion frontier in the world. Devoted to the peak of art aesthetics, it is known as the next mysterious' fashion superstar 'of China influencing the world fashion.