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"Best boyfriend evolution" fixed file 412

Yesterday, Zhang Yuqi, starring Zheng Kai, Xu Dongdong and Fang Lishen, released the first poster picture of the most wild comedy film "best boyfriend evolution" in 2019, which announced that it would be put on file. On April 12, in the poster, for the first time, the "male god training group" made a combined contribution to the fancy expression pack, which was full of joy and eye-catching;

In this exposure of the poster, the beautiful image in the picture is very eye-catching. However, whether the mysterious woman with proud figure is Zhang Yuqi or Xu Dongdong has aroused many netizens' speculation. The male god training group composed of Zheng Kai, Lin Zicong, Fang Lishen, etc. nestles tightly in the patient's suit. The coquettish and funny reaction fully explains what it means to be a 'gentle lady, a gentleman's love', and also implies that This romantic comedy is full of wildness;

The two most important heroines in the film, Xu Dongdong and Zhang Yuqi, appear as bridesmaids and braces respectively. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong, who are born in 1980s and 1990s, have another secret weapon besides their films and TV works, that is, their sexy appearance and true personality;

Zhang Yuqi is known to the public for her film "Changjiang No.7", and later became popular in "women are not bad" and "White Deer Plain". In recent years, she has become popular all over the country with her starring works such as "Mermaid" and "the story of the demon cat". However, her most popular netizens are her sexy body and her real temperament when things happen;

Xu Dongdong is well known by the public for his phenomenal online drama "Yu sin", and later became famous for her roles in "chasing the dragon" and "sister-in-law". Last year, Xu Dongdong became famous for her movie "the richest man in Xihong city". Besides her works, like Zhang Yuqi, Xu Dongdong is most concerned about her sexy figure and her real temperament;

Two generations of sexy goddesses compete together, which is itself a highlight of the film. It is learned that the film "evolution of best boyfriend" mainly tells the story of fan fan (Zheng Kai), an old driver in love, who decides to set up a training camp for male deities by chance. With his unique love experience, he helps single dogs who are hard to find in love to evolve into "best boyfriends";

It can be seen from the poster that the maid of honor played by Zhang Yuqi is graceful, beautiful and cool. She holds up her glass with one hand and looks at people with her eyes;

Xu Dongdong, on the other hand, is wearing black glasses and braces, holding a cake in his hand, which makes people feel sad. They can tell one from the other in terms of image. One is a proud queen, the other is a simple little sister;

In the film, Zheng Kai will incarnate as a love tutor and lead his disciples to launch an offensive to pursue love to the goddesses such as Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong. Under the guidance of Zheng Kai, the otaku men gain the sweetness of love through a wedding practice. In the face of proud queen Zhang Yuqi and simple little sister Xu Dongdong, what kind of 'routine' will Zheng Kai use to move their hearts?

How can the proud queen Zhang Yuqi be moved by the sincerity under the routine, and how can the simple younger sister Xu Dongdong counter attack and harvest the happy love? As a romantic comedy, Zheng Kai's "hateful and lovely" love scene prodigal role, the chemical reaction with Xu Dongdong and Zhang Yuqi can be described as "all the way spark with lightning", and Hong Kong Style nonsense is an indispensable highlight of this film It will be released nationwide on April 12, please look forward to it.