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What happened when Zhang Ziyan was fed for seven hours abroad? The latest details of Zhang Ziyan cas

Recently, there have been many doubtful points in the case of Zhang Ziyan. South Korean TV Chosun today issued an article to refute KBS's report on the case of Fang Zhengwu, former representative of TV Chosun, and Zhang Ziyan, saying that legal measures will be taken against KBS and the reporters concerned.

Previously, KBS "9:00 news" program revealed that Fang Zhengwu, former representative of TV Chosun, had talked to Zhang Ziyan many times before her death. After Zhang Ziyan committed suicide, Fang Zhengwu also put pressure on the police through newspapers to delete the call records. In response to KBS's disclosure, TV Chosun denied today that Fang Zhengwu, the former representative of TV Chosun, had never talked to Zhang Ziyan on the phone, and had not pressed the police to delete the call records.

TV Chosun said that in response to KBS's false reports about Fang Zhengwu, the former representative of TV Chosun, TV Chosun will apply to the speech Arbitration Commission for arbitration, and will take legal measures against KBS and the reporters concerned.

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Settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In fact, with the recent scandal of the victory nightclub and Zheng Junying's camera scandal, the Korean actress Zhang Ziyan's Dutch act 10 years ago triggered a heated debate again. Netizens paid attention to her experience of being forced to drink with her before death, and the result of the investigation after death, and the voice of "truth" demanded more strongly.

Now, with the "earthquake" in South Korea's entertainment industry, can this old case be closer to the truth?

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Zhang Ziyan used to be a third tier actor in South Korea. She played Ju Huishan's classmate in the popular Korean version of "men in pattern". That is, one of the three evil girls is just a small supporting role.

But Zhang Ziyan is not bad, tall and sexy. So if she works in the entertainment industry for a few more years, she may have a good development. Unfortunately, in 2009, two months after "men in the mood" was broadcast, 26 year old Zhang Ziyan hanged herself at home.

When Zhang Ziyan just died, the media and the public attributed her suicide to depression. Not long after Zhang Ziyan's death, a good friend of Zhang Ziyan came out and said that Zhang Ziyan suffered from depression because her parents died in a car accident 10 years ago. In addition, the number of scenes in "men in the mood" was reduced, so she killed herself at the moment.

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But it wasn't long before the police found out that it wasn't that simple.

The police found the "suicide note" left by Zhang Ziyan. Although part of it was burned, the rest of it was very shocking. In the content, Zhang Ziyan said that she had been asked by the brokerage company to sleep with her for a long time, and was forced to "bribe" South Korean actors, businessmen and politicians.

But after all, it involves high-level forces, so some people have been secretly trying to reverse the public opinion. They tried to attribute everything to the broker Liu, saying that the letter was made up by the broker Zhang Ziyan, whose purpose was to frame the company and terminate the contract with the company. (it turns out that although the suicide note is true, Zhang Ziyan's writing is really related to Liu, which will be mentioned below. )

In fact, not long after Zhang Ziyan's death, the former employee of her agency gave an interview anonymously. The former employee said that he had witnessed the boss of the agency, president Jin, taking some actresses including Zhang Ziyan to accompany the big men with wine. For this reason, president Jin had transformed the office into a three floor reception room.

After drinking and having fun on the first floor, the actresses are sent to the VIP room on the third floor for guests to enjoy.

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No one thought that the power of the big guys was really strong. Such a powerful disclosure would soon sink into the sea, and there was no follow-up.

It was not until 2011 that a news program in South Korea released the full version of Zhang Ziyan's "suicide note" for the first time that more people knew what happened to Zhang Ziyan.

In Zhang Ziyan's suicide note, she revealed that she had been forced by president Jin to sleep with her husband since 2005. Before her death, she was forced to provide more than 100 services to 31 people, receiving an average of five guests a day, and even having sex with four men at the same time.

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Sometimes, president Jin would force her to make a real show by making a passion play and directly receive guests on the set. In order to make her better 'serve' the guests, she will even be perfused with ecstasy, resulting in that she is often tortured to the point that she can't walk normally.

Even on the death day of their parents, they were forced to attend and receive guests.

In the "sleep with" list, there are two people who are the founder of Rakuten in her 80s and his son in her 50s. That is to say, Zhang Ziyan wants to serve the father and son at the same time. It's disgusting!

Zhang Ziyan said in her "suicide note:" every time she changes into new clothes, she has to go to bed with a new man with wine & hellip; it's so dirty that she feels miserable & hellip; just want to die. '

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Even not long before Zhang Ziyan committed suicide, the company just asked her to do the ligation, in order to let the guests have a relationship with her without worries.

What would happen if Zhang Ziyan didn't agree to sleep with her or asked to terminate her contract?

As early as the beginning, the brokerage company signed a high price contract with her. If Zhang Ziyan asked to terminate the contract, she would need to pay 1 billion won. Once she tried to refuse president Jin's request to let her pick up more than 10 guests a day, but president Jin didn't agree, so she was locked in a small black room and beaten violently for a long time.

Zhang Ziyan had an ex boyfriend before she died. After sleeping with him, Zhang Ziyan wanted to break up with him, but he didn't agree. Instead, she kept borrowing money from her family and friends. She broke up and wanted to help Zhang Ziyan redeem herself. Unfortunately, she didn't succeed.

In the end, Zhang Ziyan committed suicide. Her ex boyfriend ran around as a witness in the early stage, but once he was taken away as soon as he got off the plane when he returned to South Korea. After six months, no one could contact him, so she disappeared at the most critical moment, so she didn't appear in court as planned. In the absence of key witnesses, the case was stranded again and again.

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However, someone later found out that her ex boyfriend had gone to China for development and was still "clarifying" that she didn't know Zhang Ziyan.

In fact, there are many doubtful points in the whole case, but they have been solved one by one. For example, in Zhang Ziyan's bank account, it was found that there was a large amount of income, which was called in by rich businessmen and politicians. However, they said that they only saw Zhang Ziyan's pity and gave her the pocket money to buy Porphyra rice, but their testimony was accepted by the judge.

After all, after many layers of skinning, we found that there was someone in the "sleep with list" who was originally the prosecutor's husband, not to mention other larger forces. How could this matter be investigated under the prevention of these forces?

Media opinion has been distorted by this group of bigwigs again. For a period of time, the media collectively claimed that Zhang Ziyan's suicide note was forged.

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It was not until 2014 that the case became more and more serious, and the case was required to be retried. Under the pressure of public opinion, the court sentenced Zhang Ziyan's family to 24 million won, less than 150000 yuan, for the charge of "forcing them to accompany her to drink", and even did not have to go to prison.

As for the sex entertainment, it was rejected again because of insufficient evidence.

Nine years later, in February 2018, someone went to the petition website of qingwatai to ask for a new investigation. With more than 200000 people signing the petition, the investigation was restarted. But in the end, only president Jin was sentenced to one year's imprisonment. More than 30 big men on the list are still in peace.

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When I write here, Yang wants to add another melon. Some netizens have revealed that there were many stars who committed suicide in those years, such as Li Enzhu, Zheng duobin, Cui Zhenzhen, and Zhang Ziyan.

Li Enzhu committed suicide in 2005. Before the explosion, he was put on an unknown object for seven hours

Zheng duobin, the heroine of that handsome boy, hanged herself at her boyfriend's house in 2007. In 2008, Cui Zhenzhen committed suicide not long after her friend an Zaihuan committed suicide, and her urn disappeared. Later, her brother and ex husband couldn't bear the pressure and hanged themselves in the same way.

Behind the reason of their death, is there as much thought and fear as Zhang Ziyan? Is it also the power of the powerful? Yang dare not think about it.

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Let's continue to talk about Zhang Ziyan. Previously, many people did not dare to talk about Zhang Ziyan's incident because it involved many forces, such as leaders of large enterprises, powerful politicians and high-level media. Journalists could not avoid it for fear of causing trouble.

Now, because of Li Shengli, Zhang Ziyan's case has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion. Reporters who once avoided Yin Zhiwu, the only eyewitness, turned the camera to her again. It was only then that we found that Yin Zhiwu, regardless of his personal safety, had been speaking out for Zhang Ziyan's affairs and calling on everyone to pay attention to the case.

South Korean media agency D has also updated the new details of the case. The so-called Zhang Ziyan's "suicide note" is actually a statement written by another actor, Li Meishu, and her agent, Liu (the agent who carries the pot mentioned above), who tricked Zhang Ziyan into writing.

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At that time, Li Meishu, a 17-year-old bartender, was found out by president Jin and used it as a handle. When Li Meishu wanted to terminate her contract, she knew she had a handle in president Jin's hands and could not negotiate terms, so she wanted to use Zhang Ziyan's "sex entertainment" content to coerce president Jin to terminate her contract.

So she and Liu deceive Zhang Ziyan into writing the statement documents, saying that they will save her after writing. In the end, Li Meishu and her agent just use these documents to help them get away.

Li Meishu's lawsuit for termination of her contract is not going well, so she sent a text message to Zhang Ziyan saying that she would make an appointment with the person on the 'guest list' with her. Zhang Ziyan knew that she had been used and that the list had been leaked, so she committed suicide two hours after receiving the text message. Afterwards, Li said she never knew Zhang Ziyan.

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No matter what the facts are, those scum bullies on Zhang Ziyan have finally been pushed to the top of the storm. The female owner in "men in the mood" Ju Huishan has also chosen to stand up bravely to speak for Zhang Ziyan on social media.

Finally, the president of moon Jae in today issued an order to say that Zhang Ziyan must thoroughly investigate the truth of the incident. I'm looking forward to a thorough investigation of this matter and a fair return to Zhang Ziyan!