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Liu Xuejing shows her true self on reality TV

Liu Xuejing, who released her second personal EP "Lost Planet" title song at the end of last year, will continue to take music steps in 2019 and join the overseas reality show "sing to the world" of Chinese pop music. In the program, Liu Xuejing won a lot of praise for her high appearance, strong strength and true temperament, and the second single of her new album, which has attracted much attention, will be released in April.

Liu Xuejing appears in a new variety show

Liu Xuejing continues to take you to the universe

Recently, the new music reality show "sing to the world" officially announced 12 groups of recording students. Liu Xuejing was among them. As early as 2017, Liu Xuejing released her first EP "g.ream", and won many heavyweight awards, such as the Oriental wind and cloud list, the global Chinese language list and so on. This time, the program team went to Australia on the other side of the ocean for recording, and the shooting intensity was very high. Fans also left messages urging Liu Xuejing to take good care of her body. Under the official microblog, Liu Xuejing Po sent two self portraits to you, with funny expressions calling you cute. She also said that although recording programs is hard, but for everyone will work harder!

After nearly three years on the road, Liu Xuejing's biggest impression is that she is sincere and not affectable. The staff around her even jokingly claim that "maybe she will be deleted if she helps her buy a navy.". Liu Xuejing also said on different occasions: "it's very important to be yourself. When you are happy, laugh and cry. This is the idea I want to convey to you. This idea is also reflected in the song selection and recording process of the new EP lost planet. It is reported that Liu Xuejing, who is busy recording the program, did not stop her music steps: "everyone is working hard to improve every link of the song, from composition to recording, and then to the final mixing work. Although she is very busy, I really enjoy the process. It is reported that the second single of the new EP will be officially launched in April, please wait and see!