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How to make netizens curious about the performance of handsome teenagers

Recently, the long-standing youth growth program "Creation Camp 2019" of the men's league has announced the list of all students after the head teacher of the official publicity program. The student Sizheng, who is favored by netizens, is very naughty when forwarding the official microblog.

Different from other students, four are the models of ESEE British model company. As the leading model agency in China, ESEE has also exported many idol stars to the entertainment industry. This time, the male model Sizheng has already cooperated with famous fashion magazines such as men's Bazaar by virtue of her strong and handsome appearance and excellent lens sense.

Besides being a full-time model, Sizheng has a wide range of interests, including singing and dancing. "Models who can't sing are not good models," Sizheng said in the official video of the trainees' first impression. According to netizens, Sizheng has a strong sense of responsibility for his friends and work in his private life. What kind of repercussions will the four talents and sense of responsibility have after the program starts? It is expected that the repercussions will be doubled.