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Zhao Lusi's Retro blockbuster, noble temperament, like a palace Princess

Recently, Zhao Lusi, a post-95s little flower, has exposed a group of retro blockbusters with noble temperament, just like the princess of the European court. In the blockbuster, Zhao Lusi wears an ivory dress with a waist closed, showing a unique European style court style. She wears a pearl necklace around her neck and a lace umbrella in her hand, which exudes a noble and charming atmosphere. Sometimes she holds her cheek to meditate, sometimes she smiles shyly. Her innocence and elegant classical temperament are integrated.

It is reported that the TV series "three thousand crows kill" starred by Zhao Lusi has been released recently. The heroine Qin Chuan, played by Zhao Lusi, is a princess of subjugation who bears national enmity and family hatred. The works to be launched this year include "biography of qingnang" and "spring flowers and Autumn moon of Tianlei", expecting her wonderful performance.