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How to use Japanese makeup in winter

How to use Japanese makeup in winter? The latest Japanese makeup is recommended. The Japanese make-up is fresh and natural, and the colors are more colorful than the Korean one, which reflects the natural charming temperament of female students. In addition, the famous color matching and makeup techniques show you a different fresh taste.

Fresh orange makeup

1. smear the entire eyelid part with orange eye shadow, then draw a line of eye liner from the front to the back with a blue eyeliner, forming a sharp contrast.

2. brush the blue mascara and match the blue eyeliner to make your eyes deep and deep.

3. orange colored cheeks are painted from the inside to outside the cheekbones. Highlight your eyes, nose, forehead and chin.

4. choose the lipstick that is similar to skin color and smear it with your fingers, so that the temperature will make the lipstick softly fit on the lips. How to make up peach Japanese?

Fresh peach makeup

1. apply brown eye shadow to the bottom of the eye line, then cover with a layer of pink eye shadow.

2. Apply high light on the lower corner of the eye to make the eyes shine.

3. apply cherry red blush to the cheekbones, perfect collocation of cherry red and skin tone, which will make your face look rosy and tempting.

4. choose a dark pink lipstick and smear it evenly with your fingers. Color selection collocation with blush. How does silver make up look best?

Fresh silver makeup

1. use the silver eye shadow to smear the entire eyelid, then use the eyeliner to paste out the eyeliner, and draw the eye area at the end of the eyeliner, and then naturally decorate it.

2. then fill the lower eyelash with eye liner, draw the eyeliner and connect it with the upper eyeliner.

3. First, the whole lip is painted with orange lip gloss, and then the lip gloss is applied repeatedly in the middle of the lip, and the lip line is slightly covered at the edge, which will make the lip look fuller and more sexy. How to use brown makeup?

Fresh brown makeup

1. brush the entire eyelid with a small amount of powder, then cover with a layer of brown Eyeshadow.

2. in order to make the whole makeup look more shiny, sweep a thin layer of Brown Blush on the cheek.

3. draw lips with a lip pencil, then apply a pink lipstick, with less ornament in the middle to highlight the femininity.