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The movie "big talk" is the ultimate preview of director Ekin Cheng's self-made universal mask.

The movie "Dahua Tianxian" is the second cooperation between Sun Li and Zheng Zhongji after "Moonlight treasure box". This hilarious comedy is scheduled to be released on the third day of the lunar new year, and has released a series of plot previews. In the final Trailer, director Liu Zhenwei called the movie hilarious nonsense, hoping the audience to put down their burden and enjoy the comedy color in the whole process.

The 2014 New Year's comedy "big talk Fairy", starring Sun Li, Zheng Yijian, Zheng Zhongji and Guo Degang, will be released on February 2 (the third day of the Lunar New Year). Following the previous release of the scenario, the film side again exposed the "full of joy" ultimate announcement, with the cake making mask, the single palm to bombard the sky and other funny fragments.

Put down the burden and laugh

As the director who created the two classic films "dongchengxijiu" and "dahuaxiyou", Liu Zhenwei's name has long been inseparable from Wulitou Comedy. Liu Zhenwei encountered some pressure in his later works because of the popularity and success of his former works. Whenever a new film is released, it is inevitable that someone will compare it with the previous one. In this regard, Liu Zhenwei said that he had put down the burden for a long time. "You audience can't put it down. Basically did not give Liu Zhenwei a chance to try something new. If Liu Zhenwei has done good plays before, and now his plays are not so good, let him go. If you want to find a new feeling, follow me. '

Zheng Yijian turns into a knight in white

It is understood that Zheng Yijian plays Mao song, Sun Li's childhood sweetheart in Dahua Tianxian. Although it is based on Wu Song, a tiger fighting hero, Zheng Yijian's version of Mao song is decadent and dare not fight back when being bullied. He can only pretend to buy 'fresh arsenic' to kill. In the trailer released this time, Zheng Yijian revealed a new image, dressed in white clothes, with long hair floating, using the 'magic shadow Fist' to defeat the enemy, which is quite similar to Nie Feng's upper body in those years. He is handsome and natural. It's really surprising to sweep away his previous slovenness.

Ekin Cheng's joking skills in the "white dress man" are not diminished. In the final announcement, he called the "omnipotent mask", which is known as "all kinds of diseases", but it was only a piece of bread, but attracted the crowd. When it comes to Zheng Yijian's performance in the film, director Liu Zhenwei praises it. It makes people laugh. "Zheng Yijian is a little shy. In fact, he is very childish. He cooperated with Yi Jian in dongchengxijiu 2011 before and found that he was very good at comedy. This time, his performance in dahuatianxian is also very surprising. I think it will let the audience find the movie in dongchengxijiu It's a little bit hard. '