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The climax of the birth of the queen of TV series

"The birth of the Queen" is on the air. With the development of the plot, the emotional relationship between the characters has become more and more complex. At present, the climax of the plot has been repeated. The complex relationship between Feng Mingtai, Tang Meibao, Du Xiaowei, Feng Zhenggang and others has made the plot white hot. How did Feng Mingtai be designed as sexual harassment by Du Xiaowei, and Meibao rise up to make herself a fashionable beauty, So how does their relationship end?

The idol drama "the birth of the Queen" has entered the climax of the plot. In addition to the relationship between Yang Jinhua's' old model 'Tang Meibao and sun Yaowei's' Feng Mingtai', leiselin's' scheming little model 'Du Xiaowei' marries a rich family in order to win the trust of her boyfriend Feng Zhenggang (Chen Zhiqiang). She listens to Feng Zhenggang's instructions and conducts a drama of 'Feng Mingtai sexually harassing Du Xiaowei'. Du Xiaowei designs a fake elevator fault to let her and Feng Mingtai be alone in the elevator. Du Xiaowei pretends to be "claustrophobia" and is out of breath. He entices Feng Mingtai to untie the button of her shirt. However, all the process is photographed by the monitor, giving Du Xiaowei the evidence of "suing Feng Mingtai for sexual abuse" & hellip. When shooting this scene, it's very difficult for Catherine to be panting and speak at the same time. She said with a smile: 'the director asked me to figure out the wheezing sound. I feel so embarrassed and hilarious at the moment. Even the staff of the radio said' it's strange if I just listen to the sound and don't look at the screen '. This is also the only and closest opportunity for reitherin to get in touch with Eric Suen when she filmed the birth of the queen. She said: 'in this play, I kiss Lu Siming hard in the front, and then I have a' skin kiss' with Chen Zhiqiang. It's just a close play with Yao Wei '.

Although they are shooting "sex Sao", Eric and Catherine still can't help laughing when they break the knot. Catherine said: "we all love to laugh in private, so we suddenly ask Feng Mingtai to show concern for me and help me break the knot. We really can't help laughing and ng for several times.". Because of playing the villain 'Du Xiaowei' in the birth of the queen, netizens think that she is really bad to the bone, so she is called 'turntable Wei', which shows that the role-playing is quite successful. Unexpectedly, the role that the funny lady wants to try most is' clown '! She said:' in private, I love to make friends happy. I hope to have the chance to play the funny role of 'pistachio' in the future, so that everyone can enjoy it Meet the real me and make the audience laugh.

Leiselin tries to get married to a rich family and become a queen. Tang Meibao, played by Yang Jinhua, is gradually transformed into a fashion queen. Yang Jinhua's final sacrifice for the play is too big. The youth killing play turns out to be "breathless in the water"! This scene is designed to set Yang Jinhua sliding into the bathtub, breathless in the water and thinking about his feelings with Feng Mingtai. Although the water seems very shallow, Yang Jinhua has to overcome it She said: 'I have to keep my breath shut, and I have to keep my hair in order, make-up in order, and expression in the water. It's really more pressure than crying'. What's more interesting is that it's usually the 'welfare' of the crew to shoot the heroine's bath play. You can enjoy the graceful figure of the heroine, but on the same day, Yang Jinhua's play was' neglected '. The present Eric said:' it was the whole crew's killing that day. It was more than one o'clock in the morning to shoot that play. Everyone just wanted to finish work and go back to bed quickly ', which made Jin Huatuo very helpless!