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Love apartment 4: Li Jiahang is granted the title of Gao fushai and the best loser complex. Finally,

In love apartment 4, the role of loser Zhang Wei has changed a lot. He has gained his own love peach blossom, and his kindness and loyalty are deeply loved by the audience. Zhang Wei's performance in love apartment 4 was hailed by the audience as a complex of Gao Fu Shuai and Diao Si Nan.

The youth comedy love apartment 4 is now on the hit of Anhui Satellite TV. Li Jiahang plays the role of loser Lawyer Zhang Wei in the play, and his self destruction performance has won praise from many audiences and netizens. Zhang Wei invited her favorite sister Wei Wei to watch the drama, but Wei Wei's colleagues became the super light bulb between them. In addition, Zhang Wei was also a good young man with love. Zhang Wei, played by Li Jiahang, is also known as "the complex of Gao fushai and the ultimate loser".

Li Jiahang is both affectionate and funny

In love apartment 2, Zhang Wei not only elopes with his wife to be, but also fails to get a lawyer's license. In love apartment 4, his career and love life have changed greatly. After falling in love with Weiwei, who is also a lawyer, Zhang Wei launched a strong love offensive against Weiwei, and took the initiative to ask her to watch the drama. However, several colleagues brought by Weiwei completely destroyed this great opportunity. In order to buy tickets for Weiwei's colleagues, Zhang Wei was slaughtered by cattle. Weiwei's colleagues sit between Weiwei and Zhang Wei, and Zhang Wei has to pass on the message and food through them. Finally, Zhang Wei pays for a change of position with Weiwei's colleagues, which fails to make him laugh and cry. He is in love again. However, although there are many setbacks in his pursuit of love, Zhang Wei's affectionate image and funny atmosphere are not delayed.

When Zhang Wei will finally get married with his favorite sister has become one of the most concerned questions of the audience. It seems that the answer can only be revealed in the grand finale. However, some netizens summed up the evidence that Zhang Wei was a winner in his life: "he married LV Xiaobu, he had a kiss, he had received a token of love from Yumo, he had a relationship with Hu Yifei, he had been a lover with Tang Youyou, and he had a bed with Guan Gu.". In response, Li Jiahang responded that "Yida is a brick, where it is missing, where it is moving.".

Li Jiahang becomes tall and handsome

A netizen once summed up "ten reasons for liking Zhang Wei". Love, gratitude, sense of justice and so on are all the advantages of Zhang Wei. In the drama broadcast last night, Zhang Wei also turned into a caring young man to take care of the old man Hong Qiye who moved into the love apartment and met his unreasonable demands. Later, the seventh master started a fire because he was smoking in Zhang Wei's bed. In a hurry, Zhang Wei drove the seventh master out of his apartment, but he immediately regretted it and failed to find him all night. Fortunately, everyone was happy.

Zhang Wei's caring behavior to take care of the elderly also made the audience praise him. The reason why some audiences like Zhang Wei is that he is real and unpretentious, just like everyone's friends around him. Li Jiahang's performance without idol burden and self destructing image in the play also won the unanimous recognition of the audience and netizens. Li Jiahang said that the most important thing for the audience to have a good time is to let them see themselves in a more comprehensive way. The role of Zhang Wei is also hailed by the audience as a complex of Gao Fu Shuai and the ultimate loser.