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Love apartment 4 Episode 16 story introduction: Zeng Xiaoxian moved Hu Yifei with his heart

Zeng Xiaoxian's embarrassment in the toilet was photographed by reporters. To make the headlines, he stole the other party's camera in order to delete the photos. When Chen Meijia got into the popcorn bar to fry the popcorn, there was a shocking accident. Tang youyou's stage drama mobile phone ringing caused trouble again, and the members of love apartment kept laughing. What kind of laughing material will they bring next?

Love apartment 4 Episode 16

In order to help a student raise medical expenses, Yifei decided to participate in a man-machine combat competition with a prize of 100000 yuan. Xiaoxian is very worried about Yifei's safety. It is said that the robot on the stage this time is an improved version with strong striking ability. Yifei's Taekwondo might not work well. Xiaoxian said that he can help Yifei get the money, Yifei said that the Hu family has no habit of borrowing money. Meijia told the truth that Yifei wanted to encourage students to fight against the disease through the competition and never give up until the last moment. Guan Gu queued up to hand in the letter of intent to buy a house. Suddenly, a real estate speculation group came. The scene was chaotic. Fortunately, he finally got the contract.

Youyou and ziqiao are going to the coffee shop to sit down and wait for Guangu, but ziqiao doesn't bring his wallet. Ziqiao takes youyou to a 4S shop, pretends to buy a car and rubs coffee and cake. Xiaoxian falls asleep on the sofa after reading the cartoon. In his dream, Meijia is held by a monster. Yifei turns into a superman to rescue her. But the monster is so powerful that Yifei can't resist it. Suddenly, Xiaoxian appears dressed as Batman. He saves Yifei and Meijia and becomes a great hero. Youyou participated in the auction at the 4S store. She filled in a random number at that time, but she actually won the auction, which means youyou will spend 160000 to buy the car.

Xiaoxian went to the bank to withdraw money. Under the deception of the business manager, he took part in a financial management plan, but he didn't get the money. Guan Gu takes Qiao and you to the 4S store, hoping to meet a new buyer to resell the car. Ziqiao really meets a lady who wants to buy youyou's car, but youyou thinks of the comfortable life after having a car, and suddenly regrets that she doesn't want to sell it. Xiaoxian finds Zhang Wei to borrow money. He asks Xiaoxian to sign a very complicated loan contract. Youyou describes the picture of driving with her husband to the buyer. After hearing this, Guan Gu is infected. At the last moment, he decides to realize youyou's dream and buy the car first. Xiaoxian gave 80 thousand yuan to Yifei's students. Yifei was encouraged by the news and suddenly made efforts in the competition to win the championship. After the competition, Yifei was very moved to learn that Xiaoxian helped his students pay for their medical expenses.