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Love apartment 4 Episode 15 highlights: Tang youyou is run on by his opponent, Chen Meijia causes tr

When youyou performed the drama, there were a lot of funny farces on the stage. What's more interesting is that Zeng Xiaoxian forgot to bring toilet paper when he went to the toilet. He pretended to be a girl's voice and borrowed toilet paper from Lin Pang. As a result, he was handed a sanitary napkin. So how did Zeng Xiaoxian finally solve this problem? Guan Gu is taken to the police station as a scalper. How can he clarify the facts and return his innocence?

Love apartment 4 Episode 15

Xiaoxian is trapped in the men's toilet. A media reporter appears. He recognizes that Xiaoxian has been on TV before. He takes a picture of Xiaoxian in the toilet and prepares to send it to the front page of the newspaper. Fortunately, he gives Xiaoxian a packet of paper. Yifei still can't find Guan Gu. Suddenly she meets a couple. They just bought a cheap ticket from scalpers, so they give Yifei a ticket. Yifei finally sits in the performance hall. Youyou should have left a shoe on the stage when she stepped down, but she forgot in a hurry.

Youyou finally pulled out her mobile phone. As a result, her competitors saw it and decided that the mobile phone ringing on the stage was Youyou, and threatened to tell the director. In order not to be caught, youyou throws his mobile phone into his shoe. As a result, the director takes the shoe to the stage. Youyou hurried after him. At this time, Yifei called Guangu again, and my heart rang out again. Youyou sees that the situation is not good and rushes out to the rescue site. You you and the hero grab shoes, the phone actually flew out, fell on the stage. Youyou has to say that he is from the past and subverts the plot to the end. Meijia burst out a lot of popcorn, and the counter became a mess.

Xiaoxian takes advantage of the reporter's unprepared and steals his camera to delete his photos. At this time, the director looks for people to take photos everywhere, and Xiaoxian is forced to take photos. Ziqiao couldn't find the actor who agreed to send flowers again. This time, he found an actress with a husband, and was beaten up. Guan Gu was released by the police. He met Yifei at the gate of the theater. At this time, the real ox appeared and was caught by the police.

There are many inconveniences in sharing. Guan Gu and you long for more free space. You suggest buying a car, but Guan Gu wants to buy a house and move out. Under the pressure of Guan Gu, you agreed to take a look at the house first to see if there is a suitable price and environment. Two people saw a community, all aspects are good, decided to pay deposit to see the house. Guan Gu brings ziqiao for reference. Ziqiao thinks that the people in the sales office are full of lies and they are all deceiving people. But Guan Gu thinks that the house he can afford is just this kind of house.