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TV drama dancing with wolves episode 22: Chen Shaojie's escape from prison and Zhao Dongfang's arres

Chen Shaojie is regarded as enemy agent 001 by Zhao Dongfang, and tries his best to protect Liang cherry and calculate Chen Shaojie with each other. How will Chen Shaojie get out of danger in the face of layers of encirclement? Will the relationship between Liang cherry and Chen Shaojie change?

Dance with wolves episode 22

Chen Shaojie was taken to the interrogation room. He asked Zhao Dongfang if he could give him a cigarette. Zhao Dongfang said smoking was not allowed in the interrogation room. When he learned that his superior had sentenced him to death, Chen Shaojie was stunned. Zhao Dongfang asks Chen Shaojie to tell him what he knows. Chen Shaojie asks him what his purpose is to kill himself. Zhao Dongfang hopes Chen Shaojie to fight for the last chance. Chen Shaojie sighs that he has gone through life and death so many times, but in the end, he fell into their hands. Zhao Dongfang tells Chen Shaojie that the day of the shooting is tomorrow, so let him take care of himself.

Qiao Yan made western food and went to see Shaojie in his cell. Shaojie asked him if this was the last supper. Qiao Yan told him not to talk nonsense and said that she would cook it for him whenever he wanted to eat. Qiao Yan has dreamed of going to eat Western food with Shaojie many times, but she didn't expect it to be like this now. Shaojie said with a smile that it's OK. He's fine now. Seeing Qiao Yan cry, Shaojie amuses her. Shaojie tells Qiao Yan that Liang cherry is not dead, and Shen Yaozu's counter attack plan will not stop. In addition, he suspects that there are spies inside. At this time, Huangshan stood outside and heard their conversation. Before leaving, Qiao Yan rushed forward and hugged Shaojie and began to cry. She said that meeting him in her life was the happiest thing for her. She would remember him all her life.

After Qiao Yan left, Shaojie asked Huangshan to come out, knowing that he was here. Huangshan lights Shaojie a cigarette. Shaojie says it's really good. Before he leaves, he eats, drinks and smokes. Mount Huangshan brought perfume and pajamas to little Jay, and little Jay said they were all sent to him. Huangshan said to Shaojie that he was sorry and knew that he had been wronged. Shaojie said that it was good, and he would never smell his sweat again. Huangshan starts to cry. Shaojie says how he looks like a woman. Later, he says that he has seen that Huangshan likes Qiao Yan for a long time. If he likes others, he will tell them. Maybe they will have some fat sons in the future. Huangshan constantly apologizes to Shaojie, saying that he doesn't deserve to be his brother. Shaojie asked if he really wanted to help himself? Huangshan asked him to say that Shaojie asked to give him his gun. Only when he went out alive can he prove his innocence. Huangshan hesitated and gave the gun to Shaojie.

Chen Shaojie shoots the guard to escape from prison. Huangshan hears the gunfire and goes out to check. Zhao Dongfang angrily told everyone that Chen Shaojie shot and killed five soldiers. Who dares to say that he is not an enemy agent, so now the whole city is searching for Chen Shaojie. Xiaohai said that once they found Chen Shaojie, what should they do? Zhao Dongfang asked for proper measures. Shen Yaozu read out a message from Taiwan and awarded Liu Zifeng a second-class Baoding medal and ten gold bars. He also awarded major Liang cherry a first-class medal and ten gold bars. Liang Yingli asked Shen Yaozu to tell the Taiwan side to air drop some cosmetics. Ye Wen reports Chen Shaojie's escape to the commander, who orders Liu Zifeng to find out.

Xiao Er delivers food to Chen Shaojie. He accidentally finds his gun. He goes downstairs to check the circular on the newspaper and finds that the guest is Chen Shaojie. Huangshan reports to Zhao Dongfang that he just got the news and found Chen Shaojie's trace. Zhao Dongfang decides to lead a team to arrest Chen Shaojie. Zhao Dongfang ordered people to surround the hotel and ordered Qiao Yan and xiaohaihailou to arrest Chen Shaojie. Shaojie jumps out of the window and Huangshan points a gun at him. Learning that Chen Shaojie has run away, Zhao Dongfang leads people to arrest him. Huangshan finally put down his gun and let Chen Shaojie leave.

Zhao Dongfang orders Qiao Yan's enemy investigation department to finish Chen Shaojie's case within ten days, live to see people and die to see corpses. Huangshan goes to see Liu Zifeng. Liu Zifeng gives him a gold bar, but he is not interested. Liu Zifeng takes out a small pill and asks about Chen Shaojie's escape. Knowing that Huangshan released Chen Shaojie, Liu Zifeng said that he didn't expect that he was very loyal. And as long as he was obedient, he would provide him with pills in the future. Liu Zifeng asked them if they were the bandits.

Chengdu Chongqing railway is to be built in Southwest China. Dian Peizhong said that the first loan issued by the central government will soon arrive in Southwest China. The district government asked them to be responsible for escorting the money to ensure the smooth deposit of the money into southwest bank. Qu Peizhong suggested that Qiao Yan and Huangshan should be in charge of the matter, while Zhao Dongfang sent a team of small kelp to escort. Zhao Dongfang asked Qu Peizhong to help him preside over the meeting. He has something to go out.