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The plot preview of 29 episodes of TV drama "bloody island": red leaf and blue lotus's conspiracy to

After Lei Dayan has investigated Hongye's life experience and background, she completely gains Lei Dayan's trust and is assigned to trade drugs with Lei Furong. In the accident, Hongye discovers that Lou fangyue and Fujiwara Xunzi are the counterparties of the transaction, so Hongye secretly transmits the information to Mike and others. Will lou fangyue know that Hongye has discovered his secret? Will he sell red leaf?

Introduction to episode 29

Red leaf tries to find out Lou fangyue from inside and outside, but Lou fangyue doesn't show up, which makes red leaf not sure of Lou fangyue's motive. Hongye has to tell LANLIAN about Lou fangyue's doubts and let LANLIAN dike Lou fangyue and guard against the safety of the team members. Lou fangyue also finds out that Hongye's attitude towards herself has changed, and the villain's worries can only be dispelled by Miss Li. To avoid suspicion, Hong Ye pretends to be addicted to cigarettes and is humiliated by Furong's men. Furong, who is fond of Hong Ye, takes a bad breath and gives her a gold watch to show her heart.

Lei Dayan conveys to Lou fangyue that Fujiwara wants to see him. Lou fangyue quickly refuses. He feels that things are getting worse and worse. He not only gets on the thief boat, but also has difficulty riding a tiger. On the one hand, Chongqing authorities urge Hongwan to do something for his own benefit. On the other hand, Fujiwara has been watching him. On the other hand, red leaf's intentional or unintentional questioning makes Lou fangyue feel that his team members have a strong influence on him I doubt it.

Furong keeps a good sample of red pills for Hongye to use when she is addicted to smoking. Hongye just gets a new sample and gives it to Hai Renjie. She hopes Hai Renjie will cooperate in investigating and dealing with the drug smuggling case. Hai Renjie agrees that as long as Hongye has a specific trading time and place, he will do his best to help. Red leaves worry that Hai Renjie lacks on-the-spot combat experience, so that Lan Lian is ready to cooperate with Hai Renjie at any time.

Leifurong sets out temporarily to lead Hongye to trade drugs. Hongye is helpless and urgently finds an excuse to call Hai Renjie.