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Who is the Tianshan TongLao in Zhong Hanliang's version of new Tianlong eight? What other plays has

Tianshan TongLao is a classic character in the eight novels of Tianlong. The centenarian is as young as a little girl and has profound skills. Finally, she passed on her unique knowledge to xuzhu and let xuzhu inherit her status. So who played the new version of the eight part of Tianlong?

Zhong Hanliang's edition of new Tianlong eight parts:

Jin Ming -- as the child grandmother of Tianshan Mountain (Master of lingjiu Palace)

Jin Ming, a Chinese mainland actress, was a famous child star when he was a child. In 1989, Jin Ming, 9 years old, took the first TV drama "Wan Jun" in his life. He then took a series of Qiong Yao TV series: snow Ke, Wang Fu cliff, qingqinghe grass and plum blossom brand. On September 28, 2012, the intimate group photo of Jin Ming and an Yugang was exposed, and the relationship was made public.

Jin Ming's recent TV series:

In 2013, the eighth part of Tianlong was decorated with the fairy godmother of Tianshan Mountain

2012 red sandalwood King: Jade Beads

"Spy without trace" in 2011: Miss Duo

"Xinbao Qingtian's seven heroes and five righteousness" in 2010: Ding Yuehua