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In which episode does Han Dong play xuzhu? How many identities does xuzhu have? What is Han Dong's f

In the new version of Tianlong eight directed by Lai Shuiqing, the honest and honest Xu Zhu is played by the popular actor Han Dong. Many of the characters in Han Dong's costume drama have left a deep impression on the audience. So, which episode is xuzhu? Which TV series is Han Dong's famous work?

Zhong Hanliang's new Tianlong Babu cast xuzhu (Han Dong)

Han Dong plays xuzhu

Han Dong, born in Zhejiang Province, is an actor born in 1980s in mainland China. He became famous in 2007 as Erlang God in new Fengshen list. In 2011, he became popular as Jiuwen long Shijin in New Water Margin and jiua Ge Yinchen in step by step.