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Plot introduction of 27 episodes of TV series "bloody island": Lou fangyue shows signs and is suspec

Mike received instructions from Shangfeng to search drug smugglers and treat his addiction. But Lei Dayan and Lou fangyue cooperate in drug trafficking. Will Mike find Lou fangyue? How can red leaf and blue lotus help Mike search drug dealers?

The story of episode 27

Mack received the instructions from the new liaison officer and ordered him to leave for Chongqing as soon as possible for screening and treatment of drug addiction. Before leaving, he arranged for people to investigate Lei Dayan and the smugglers who came and went with him, because recently some people in the Kuomintang controlled areas died of drugs, and the authorities ordered a thorough investigation of the source.

Lei Dayan borrows water from Lou fangyue to smuggle drugs, while he helps Lou fangyue get rid of ritte's tracking. They hit it off, and Lou fangyue is on the road of no return. Lou fangyue, who is safe for the time being, finds his temporary stronghold just when Mack wants to go back to Chongqing and bid farewell to everyone one by one. Mack deliberately appears drugs in Lou fangyue's face and the Kuomintang controlled area. Seeing that Lou fangyue's face has changed, Mack knows that he has nothing to do with it.

The players are reluctant to leave, especially Lan Lian and Hong Ye. Lan Lian dares to love and hate. Although her words are poisonous, they are deep. Mack knows it in his heart, but he can only pretend to be confused. Before leaving, Mack and Hongye say goodbye alone. As an instructor, Mack instructs Hongye not to be too kind and to remember that she is an agent. As a leader, Mack orders Hongye to go to investigate Lei Dayan, and asks her to be careful of Lou fangyue and keep the investigation as secret as possible. Two people in the heart do not give up each other, but dare not point to break the mouth, will be deeply buried in the heart of each other's feelings.

Hongye tuolanlian leads the team to rest. She disguises herself as a man and goes to leidayan cigarette shop to be an undercover agent. Hongye, as a desperado, is quiet but vigorous, which is appreciated by Lei Dayan and his daughter Lei Furong. After rescuing Lei Dayan's life, Hongye gets Lei Dayan's trust completely, which is a step further from her in-depth investigation of the drug case.