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25 episodes of TV drama "bloody island": red leaf and blue lotus design Xunzi to save Mike from drug

The story of episode 25

When Fujiwara learns that his adopted daughter is arrested, he asks Sanpu to do whatever it takes to save Xunzi. Xunzi wakes up and finds that he has been locked up in a strange place. The face he faces is not strange. It's the 'Yan Hongyu' that he appreciates and doubts.

Hongye and the players will trade smoked seeds for Mack. Lou fangyue's real face was exposed at this time, and he resolutely opposed the exchange of hostages. He wanted to give Xunzi to Shangfeng to take credit. In order to save Mack, the female team members had to put some medicine in the wine and send the white pigeon to play the trick of beauty to get Lou fangyue drunk.

The next morning, Lou fangyue was still asleep, and the women's team members had escorted Fujiwara Fumiko to the hostage exchange point. Hongye chooses the hospital in the public concession as the exchange point. Hai Renjie leads a group of patrols to the hospital to set up the defense, which makes nite dare not use force easily. Both sides came together and carefully divided into two wards to check their physical condition. Seeing that Mack was weak but not seriously ill, the players were relieved.

Xunzi regains her freedom and is unwilling to let her go. Sanpu persuades her and tells her that ensuring her safety is the first priority. This is Fujiwara's order. Xunzi has to give up. Red leaf and blue lotus escorted Mack to leave, and ritte followed. Huang Jiayin, who set up a sniper point opposite the hospital, blasted the tires of the following vehicle and successfully got rid of the enemy's tracking.

Xunzi uses her Shanghai information network to quickly find out the location of the villa, and immediately leads people to it.

Red leaf guessed that it would be like this. She had found a temporary stronghold first and went directly with Mack and the team members. When he arrived at the temporary stronghold, Mack suddenly convulsed and frothed. It turned out that he had been injected with drugs before the hostage exchange and had become addicted to drugs. This was the trick that Fujiwara fox had come up with.