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Who played Lan Lian in the TV series "bloody island"? Who does Lan Lian like? What's the end of Lan

Bloodthirsty island is on the air. Each of the women in the play has its own unique character. Among them, the female agent Lan Lian is cold and beautiful, and her calm attitude has won the audience's love. So who does Lan Lian like in the play? What's the end of Lan Lian? Is Lan Lian dead?

Lan Lian is played by Li Xinran. With superb acting skills, it is deeply loved by the audience. Lan Lian is a member of the female secret service team. She is cold, beautiful and calm.

Who does Lan Lian like? Character introduction and ending

Lan Lian, born in miaojiang, is a "lone ranger" in the secret service team. She is good at making poison and evil. She is beautiful but cold. She can always face everything calmly, but she can't seem to take her feelings calmly. I like coach Mack. When Mack was seriously injured to save his child, he lost four bags of blood regardless of his own safety. Lan Lian dares to love and hate. Although her words are poisonous, they are deep. Mack knows it in his heart, but he can only pretend to be confused. Finally, in order to rescue Hongye, LANLIAN is seriously injured. Lan Lian, who never shows her heart, confesses to Mack at the last moment of her life and closes her eyes forever