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Love apartment 4 Meijia's doctor Sima Jian, who was pregnant, became popular overnight?

In the first episode of love apartment, Meijia accompanies Hu Yifei to see a psychologist and meets Sima Jian, a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology in the hospital. Sima Jian's handsome image Charms Meijia and attracts the audience's attention. Sun Zhixiang, Sima Jian's actor, became popular overnight and was named "warm man".

Sun Zhixiang, a new generation of warm men, has always been known for his warm smile and tender feelings. Now he joins "love apartment 4" to play the obstetrician and gynecologist who Charms Li Jinming (played by Chen Meijia). Still with a warm man's smile, it won the attention of male and female fans overnight.

Sun Zhixiang, has been active in the major TV dramas, movies, idols strength actors. Whether it's wengongzi in the movie "soldiers" or Yanshi in "happy every day". Have left a deep-rooted impression in the hearts of the majority of fans -- warm man. Born with a pair of eyes that can help people get rid of worries, and a face that always keeps a friendly smile. Today, sun Zhixiang plays a handsome and responsible gynecologist in love apartment 4. Li Jinming (played by Chen Meijia), who is a fan on the stage, yells "oba, you are so handsome.". And ran to love apartment, told Chen Meijia precautions during pregnancy. Let a lot of netizens comment reply, this man should only have heaven, rarely see you in the world.

In 2004, out of curiosity, sun Zhixiang took part in the "Golden Eagle Star Huayi Brothers film and television star trial" jointly held by Huayi Brothers and Hunan Satellite TV, and went on the road of performing arts career by accident. Then let the famous agent Wang Jinghua a look, under the introduction signed Huayi Brothers. In 2006, Yang Chao directed the Tang tablet, which made a great success for sun Zhixiang at the beginning of his acting career. In 2007, Professor Cui Xinqin thought that he had the same potential as his elder martial brother Chen Kun. He also lamented that he would become a great tool in the future. After graduation, sun Zhixiang has been playing well, from Hunan Satellite TV's "happy every day" to today's "love apartment 4", which has left a deep impression on many fans. Since then, the title of "warm man sun Zhixiang" has been continuously spread on the Internet.