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The finale of "you from the stars": Jin Xiuxian and Quan Zhixian happy?

On January 25, news, the author of the TV series "you from the stars" broadcasted by South Korea's MBC TV station predicted a happy ending, and plants that implied a happy ending appeared on the screen.

It is reported that an article titled "you from the stars, new foreshadowing" appeared on an online website in South Korea, and a photo was uploaded together. The photo is a screenshot of the plants that change with the body state of Du Minjun (Jin Xiuxian).

In the previous Episode 9, the plant wilted because of Du Minjun's illness. After Professor Du got well, the plant became full of vitality again. But in Episode 12, a new moss appears next to the plant.

The author of the article said that according to the dictionary's explanation of 'bryophytes', there are more than 23000 species, including mosses, which are the first flora to adapt to land life. Therefore, the author also speculated that' it may imply that the aliens who initially adapted to life on earth are all Minjun '.