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Preview of 13 episodes of you from the stars: Jin Xiuxian confesses his true identity to Quan Zhixia

January 24 In the 12th episode of "you from the stars" broadcasted by South Korea's SBS TV station, Du Minjun (Jin Xiuxian) reveals his true identity to Qian Songyi (Quan Zhixian).

Du Minjun and Qian Songyi come to the museum where hairpins are displayed. Du Minjun says: 'Qian Songyi, I warned you. Don't believe me. I see you to tell you that the man you trust like a fool has such a big secret. '

Qian Songyi immediately turned back and said: 'if you make such a terrible expression and tell this secret, I would rather not listen. 'du Minjun takes Qian Songyi, makes her face to herself and says: 'the person who saved you 12 years ago, don't you always want to know who he is? I saved you then. There is only one reason to save you. At that time, you were very similar to the child 400 years ago, that is, the owner of the hairpin. It's like I had a delusion. 'reveal the fact that you have lived for 400 years.

Du Minjun also uses his super power to break the glass wall and says to Qian Songyi: 'yes. I came here from an alien planet 400 years ago, and I have never been able to go back. I have lived here for 400 years. '

Thousand Song Yi looking at in front of all quick handsome, not from forbid ground retreated a few. Du min Jun looks at her with horror eyes and asks: "it doesn't matter, no matter who I am. I am such a person, and it still doesn't matter now? "

Du Minjun finally said: "how do I feel about leaving here? How do I say...". 'now his face was covered with tears and choked.